Perihelion Update #5


Today, we’d like to update the Perihelion event status.

New Missions

One new mission is currently available.

Global Goals

Community Goals available:


The current Global Goal is simple – the community (CIS and Western combined) can complete the mission as many times as possible to unlock the following rewards:

  • 3.500 Mission Completions: Additional Shards of the Past unlock
  • 6.500 Mission Completions: Espinoza and Thorpe will arrive on time to provide further aid (additional lore exposition about what’s going on)
  • 8.000 Mission Completions: Future Perihelion missions become 10% easier
  • 10.000 Mission Completions: Extra 300 Gold for each player who has completed the mission at least once


Two new lore articles are now available. Learn more about Norah Ferguson and the history of the United States of America.


The following missions are now over:

The winners of each mission are listed in their respective articles. The winners will receive all their prizes in short order.

More missions as well as story updates and contests await you in the future.

See you on the battlefield!

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