Today, we’re embarking upon a new journey that will take Armored Warfare on a new path – a story-driven path where everything, from PvP battles to the PvE experience will be a part of a single unified world with an evolving story that you, the players, will participate in and influence.

But even a journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step. During the following weeks, we’ll be introducing the world of Armored Warfare to you in a series of events, tasks and missions that we hope you’ll participate in it because every decision taken will count. We’ll start slow but the event will grow based on your activity – the more you play, the bigger the event becomes.

The basics of the event are simple. Complete missions within their allotted time and receive rewards. And with that in mind, let’s get right to it.

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Now, we can’t begin our story without an overview of what’s happening. The year is 2028 and the world order is slowly unraveling. The United States of America, once an undisputed leader of the free world, is wracked by internal strife after more than a century of prosperity. The Russian Federation, having fully recovered from the Soviet Union era that ended in 1997, is a rising power once again. Further to the east, the mysterious land of China is closed to all but selected few, its ambitions as strong as Russia’s. Europe’s fortune is closely tied to that of America with their issues similar – the influence of nation states clashing with that of power-hungry corporations.


It is an age of upheaval and you are smack in the middle of it – a young mercenary down on his luck, presented with an offer he can’t possibly refuse, to train a security branch of a Chicago-based company by the name of Perihelion, its purpose as enigmatic as its founder, an investor by the name of David Murdoch.

You are Samuel Thorpe and your choices will shape the future. In June 2028, you have joined Perihelion’s forces in their Arizona camp and were greeted by the de-facto leader until this point, Gail Espinoza. The meeting did not go without an incident but the two of you are now ready to begin your training.

For more information, please visit the Lore section.


State of the Perihelion Forces

The forces of Perihelion consist of light infantry, a number of older Russian IFVs and a company of relatively modern Russian tanks, mostly T-72B3s. Samuel Thorpe’s personal vehicle is a Russian service pattern Terminator “Black Mamba”.


The official paint of Perihelion forces is dark gray combined with a white rendition of the Perihelion crest.


The unit is currently located in Arizona and is ready to begin the training.


Available Missions

The conditions, deadlines and consequences are listed under each mission separately. The following mission is now available:

Each mission can be completed as many times as you want (will count towards available Global Goals) but you can receive each mission’s reward only twice.

The first time, you will receive the prize itself. The second time, you will receive a compensation (if indicated so in the mission’s description). In other words, a prize marked “Perihelion Decal (or 250 Gold)” will award you a decal the first time you complete it and 250 Gold the second time you complete it.


Global Goals

This event features global community goals – requirements the whole community can meet for additional rewards. Meeting community goals influences the direction of the story, unlocks additional rewards and Shards of the Past.

Old Global Goals (Click to Open)

Missions: Nightwatch


With 4793 completions, the following Global Goal was met:

  • 3.500 Mission Completions: Additional Shards of the Past unlock

Missions: Hammer, Scout's Honor, Land of the Blind


The Global Goal status for the abovementioned missions allowed you to express your will by participating in either of those missions. Your AFV preference will be taken into account for the future vehicles. Do you have good candidates in mind besides the EBRC Jaguar? Let us know on Discord!

m4 end

With 401 completions, no Global Goal requirements for the Land of the Blind mission were met. New missions as well as a Story update will be available later this week.

Mission: Desert Training

progress bar initial state

The current Global Goal is simple – the community (CIS and Western combined) can complete the mission as many times as possible to unlock the following rewards:

  • 3.500 Mission Completions: Additional Shards of the Past unlock
  • 5.000 Mission Completions: Future Perihelion mission rewards become 10% higher
  • 6.500 Mission Completions: Additional Shards of the Past unlock
  • 8.000 Mission Completions: Future Perihelion missions become 10% easier
  • 10.000 Mission Completions: Extra 300 Gold for each player who has completed the mission at least once



In this section, you'll find more information about the world of Armored Warfare, its history and lore. The information contained within may be relevant to Secret Objectives.


Shards of the Past

In this section, you'll find various pieces of Armored Warfare game history, including previously unseen game assets. Complete the Secret Objectives or Community Goals to unlock more Shards of the Past.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register for the event anywhere?

No, you can simply complete the objective of each mission.

How can I track my progress?

For now, you can’t. We are working on a proper tracking mechanism for the event. At the end of each mission, a list of players who completed it will be published in a portal update as well as on the page for each mission.

What prizes do I win?

The prize for each mission can be seen on each mission’s page.

I have completed a mission. When will I receive my reward?

We are sending rewards after each mission’s end, typically within 1 or 2 days. A list of winners is also available on each mission’s page. Please check if you are on it.

I am sure I have completed a mission but I am not on the list of winners. What can I do?

Do not contact support. Instead, please contact your region’s Armored Warfare representative (SilentstalkerFTR) via the official Discord channel.

What kind of goals and reward opportunities are there in Perihelion?

There are four types of activities in the Perihelion event.

  • Missions are the basic goals anyone can complete. Please check the Missions section for the list of available missions
  • Global Goals depend on the performance of the entire Armored Warfare community. Please check the Global Goals for the list of available objectives
  • Secret Objectives depend on you finding secrets within the event itself. Secrets can be anywhere. Extremely high rewards await those who uncover them. Secret Objectives may or may not be active at any given time – you never know
  • Contests are separate events attached to Perihelion, which typically require other type of participation than basic gameplay (such as various pieces of art) and have their own rewards. A typical example would be designing the Perihelion camouflage

How is this event connected to the Storyline Campaign?

This event replaces the Storyline Campaign and will use some of the same prizes. Players who already have those from the Storyline Campaign will receive Gold compensation as per mission’s description.


Past Missions

This section contains the past Perihelion missions.

Got more questions? Contact us on Discord and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!


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