The Roughneck Map

Cold plains of Russia await you in the new Armored Warfare map called "Roughneck". Peaceful town in Russia was invaded by mercenaries trying to occupy the local refinery. This plant represents a powerful bargaining chip as well as the biggest source of revenue in the region – your team must not allow it to fall into enemy hands! But beware – the harsh weather will be your enemy as much as the opposing forces. Wealth and glory await the winner but the only thing the loser gets is the eternity of frozen grave...

The Roughneck Map

The green zone represents the refinery – it was already heavily damaged during the fighting and the rubble as well as various industrial resources provides excellent cover for you to slug it out with the enemy at close range. Heavier and slower vehicles are advised to take this route rather than being caught in the open by enemy crossfire.

The red zones represent primary access between yours and enemy’s parts of the map. They form natural chokepoints, controlled by the team that occupies the refinery or the pumping station. All the red-marked zones can be advanced through using bushes and rocks as cover.

The blue zone represents another important location, the refinery pumping station. Enemies in cover can easily control large areas of the map and will be difficult to dislodge. Approach carefully.

The Roughneck map offers multiple directions of attack as well as plenty of cover should things go awry.

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