Perihelion Update #2


Today, we’d like to update the Perihelion event status.

New Missions

One new mission is currently available:

Global Goals

Community Goals available:


The current Global Goal is simple – the community (CIS and Western combined) can complete the mission as many times as possible to unlock the following rewards:

  • 1.500 Mission Completions: Solid training performance will give the Perihelion troops enough time to study tactics of the past (additional Shards of the Past unlock)
  • 3.500 Mission Completions: The training will also include various camouflage trials (three excellent camouflage submissions per region from the camouflage contest will be unveiled – these three will automatically make it to the voting phase)
  • 6.000 Mission Completions: Increased the reward compensations by another 10% from the base value

Contest still available:


We apologize for the delay but the results of the previous missions will only be available later this week in a separate Perihelion Update.

See you on the battlefield!

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