Update 0.16 Preview

Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to introduce the first preview of the newest addition to Armored Warfare - Update 0.16!


Update 0.16 focuses on fixing the most important issues of Armored Warfare such as the shot delay problem and game performance. We are aware of the player feedback regarding high tier gameplay balance - please note that more extensive balance changes are planned for future updates, as they are dependent on the issue fixes introduced in Update 0.16 (although some partial balance changes such as Tank Destroyer active ability overhaul are present in this update as well).

That does not mean Update 0.16 will not be introducing any new features whatsoever. The long awaited Loot System will be implemented, as will new Sound Effects for gunfire, engines and other game events, but improvements to Core Gameplay are currently our primary focus.

Update 0.16 Main Features include:

  • Major Improvements to Core Gameplay
  • Game Performance Improvements
  • New High-Tier Vehicles
  • Loot System
  • Updated Sound Effects
  • Three New PvE Missions
  • New Commendation System

Apart from the abovementioned features, a very large number of game corrections including but not limited to vehicle and map balance changes will be implemented as well. We are looking forward to your feedback!

New Features

Major Improvements to Core Gameplay

A large number of core gameplay improvements and issue fixes will be introduced to Armored Warfare. These include:

  • Shot Delay issue correction
  • Incorrect Turret Facing issue correction
  • Small Objects Slow Down Vehicles issue correction
  • Shot Normalization changes

Read more about these improvements in our preview.


Game Performance Improvements

We've made some optimizations to reduce the overall draw calls requested on each map. As a result, players should notice a reduction in the amount of frame stuttering or "hitching" occurring - particularly on lower end systems.

New High-Tier Vehicles

In Update 0.16, we are introducing two new high-tier vehicles:

  • T-15 HIFV Tier 10 AFV (read more about this vehicle in our preview)
  • PTL-02 Tier 8 Premium TD (read more about this vehicle in our preview)


Loot System

Beginning with Update 0.16, a new Loot System will reward players with Supply Crates full of awesome items to help out with progression in all kinds of ways. Every time players participate in a match (be it PVP or PVE), they will have a chance to be rewarded with a Supply Crate. Both the chance to earn the Supply Crate and its Quality Level are strongly influenced by the player's overall performance in the match, with higher Reputation scores yielding better rewards whether or not the player was on the winning team.


In addition, completing Daily Challenges will provide players with a reliable way to earn Supply Crates every day. In the future, new features will also award Supply Crates. To start with, Supply Crates in 0.16 will provide players with Credits, Global Reputation, Consumables, Boosts, and Insignias.

Read more about this feature in our preview.

Updated Sound Effects

Sounds in Armored Warfare have undergone a huge revamp in Update 0.16! Every major sound system has been given new sounds and we've added several new distinct sound effects for gameplay systems which previously lacked sufficient audio cues. As a result, players will now be immersed in a much more atmospheric experience in Armored Warfare. Some of the new sound systems include:

  • All new sounds for each cannon caliber
  • New engine sound sets (Diesel and Turbine engines)
  • Gear changes and gearbox whine
  • Unique impact sounds for High Explosive, Armor Piercing and HEAT
  • Unique terrain impact sounds
  • Turret rotation
  • Ricochets
  • Shells whizzing by

And more! Detailed information about the new sounds will soon be available in a separate article.

Three New PvE Missions

Operation: Zero Hour - a group of saboteurs has infiltrated the security of a prototype nuclear reactor about to come online and planted explosives within, threatening not only the destruction of the facility, but endangering the region, and its inhabitants, for miles around. With little time to spare and a large scale disaster to abate, you must protect the facility, evacuate the civilians trapped in the plant, and put a stop to the enemy's forces in operation Zero Hour.


Operation: Erebos - a key Cartel airfield has so far avoided discovery, hidden among the lush foliage of an all but forgotten island, despite the illegal shipments going to and coming the location that influence the region's resources and economy. Only by the cover of darkness can you secure the site in operation Erebos, where destroying this tactical point of operation means eliminating the enemy's financial stranglehold on the region. Destroy the airfield, then exfil and make your escape before enemy reinforcements arrive!


Operation: Basilisk - a power plant in jeopardy. Stolen hazardous materials. Enemies hiding in plain sight. Les Affreux have attacked a power plant that supplies the locals with energy, hoping to destroy the region's largest valuable asset and convenient source of power. In operation Basilisk, it's up to you to stop the enemy's attack on the nuclear power plant and take back the materials they have pilfered before time runs out!


New Commendation System

The new Commendation system is entirely optional. When a player performs an action that earns them reputation and credits they now also earn a visual commendation.


Unique commendations are awarded to players for accomplishing any of the following actions:

  • Killing an Enemy (Slayer)
  • Assisting a Kill (Wingman)
  • Damaging an Enemy (Bruiser)
  • Assisting Damage (Facilitator)
  • Designated Damage (Tactician)
  • Spotting an Enemy (Scout)
  • Spotting Damage (Instigator)
  • Allies Hidden By Smoke Shells/Grenades (Blinder)
  • Destroying Enemy Modules (Saboteur)
  • Killing Enemy Crew (Widowmaker)
  • Base Capture (Infiltrator)
  • Base Defense (Defender)
  • Completing an Objective (Operative)

The goal of these commendations is to provide real-time visual feedback to players in order to notify them whenever they've earn some rewards. Commendations themselves do not provide additional rewards.

Read more about this feature in our preview.

Full list of changes will be available as the update nears its release. We hope you will enjoy these new features and see you on the battlefield!

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