Storyline Campaign – Registration

Welcome, commanders.

Before you lies the beginning of a year-long story-driven campaign, which will be unlike anything you’ve ever participated in. You’ll have the opportunity to influence the world of Armored Warfare and the event itself by your decisions and, yes, obtain valuable prizes, the quality of which will also be yours to decide.

Follow the steps and decide the actions of Samuel Thorpe, a young mercenary hired to do a job, the consequences of which may shake the corporate world he finds himself involved in.

So, how does this all work?

Imagine the Storyline Campaign as a meta-event that overarches everything that’s happening in Armored Warfare. Its goals and objectives can be tied to any mode or any other ongoing event. At the same time, the Storyline Campaign has its own set of rules that you have to follow and the consequences of your activity and choices will be very real.

You may also imagine the Storyline Campaign as something of a tabletop RPG campaign (think Dungeons & Dragons) with us being your game master. We will ask you to make choices. The abovementioned consequences will afterwards affect not only the campaign, but also the world of Armored Warfare and your rewards. For example – if you choose to let a character die by not completing the objective to save him or her, that character will definitely not become a game commander further down the line, nor will he or she help you in the campaign.

The progress of the campaign will be possible to track via a dedicated page on our portal, which is currently still in development, but will be ready by the time the campaign launches.

Episodes, Objectives and Multipliers

The campaign will be split into multiple episodes, each with its own sets of requirements and rewards. The goals of each episode will be decided with the state of the game in mind.

As a baseline, we are looking at something equivalent to roughly 21 battles per week (or 3 battles a day). The baseline requirement will increase (or decrease) with a large number of difficulty multipliers depending on your performance or the choices you make during the campaign. For example, making a smart choice in an episode will decrease the difficulty of the next episode (while keeping the rewards the same), but a series of bad choices may ramp up the difficulty significantly.

While the multiplier itself doesn’t affect the rewards directly, sometimes, there will be multiple ways of completing an objective and the more difficult way (if completed by enough participants) will yield higher rewards for everyone. In such cases, you may intentionally choose to ramp up the difficulty to get your hands on better rewards. There will be many situations where the risk will be worth it and how much risk are you willing to take is up to you.

And last but not least, there will be secret objectives that only a handful of you will uncover. Only the most skilled, intelligent and dedicated players will ever get their hands on these special, ultra-valuable prizes.

Do we have you intrigued?

If this campaign intrigues you and you want to participate in it, please register to it using the link below.


Please note:

  • Registration is mandatory, the unregistered players will not be eligible for rewards
  • Please make absolutely sure you spell your ingame name correctly in the registration (including capital and special characters – if your in-game name is “Levin”, for example, entering “levin” will not work)

And last but not least, this event is currently only available for and Steam accounts. Accounts registered via the game center (colloquially known as “Russian accounts”) are not eligible to enter this event. This is not the final decision; if there is enough interest to enter the event, it may become available on the portal as well.

We hope that you will enjoy the event and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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