In Development: Ghost Field Improvements


As we mentioned before, Update 0.36 is bringing a new Special Operation map, but we’re also hard at work fixing existing map issues, starting with the Ghost Field PvP map and the two PvE missions that use this map in their design – Albatross and Snake Bite.


When listening to your feedback, we sometimes see various opinions that we are never touching any old map or fixing any issues. This is not true, but the main problem is that the fixes that we do are not exactly visible at first glance. For example, fixing a collision model of one bus (out of a dozen that litter the city) might take a few hours of our time, but few players will notice. Nevertheless, these fixes are important and today, we’d like to tell you more about a big batch that’s coming in the next major update.

These fixes include (but are not limited to):

  • Fixed the collision model of a certain building type (for example, the bunker in the G6 area), which no longer makes player and AI vehicles stuck
  • Fixed the runway texture where a piece of it was missing
  • The Global Operations version of Ghost Field was missing the repair area circles on the lowest settings
  • Fixed an invisible wall in the I8 area
  • Fixed the D5 area spot where it was possible to get stuck between a cliff and a building
  • Fixed a certain tree type that was interfering with aiming in the first person mode
  • Fixed a number of objects flying in the air (antenna in the B5 area, various stones and bushes)
  • Fixed a number of bushes clipping through rocks
  • Fixed a number of spots where concrete edges looked strange or were missing
  • Grass no longer grows through tarmac
  • Fixed various puddle water reflections that looked strange
  • Fixed an issue where the rain dripped through the hangars
  • Fixed a number of environmental shadows (such as the rocks)

And several more even smaller details. While on their own these fixed might not be much, they make the game look more polished across the board and that’s as important to us as bringing you new content is.

Next time, we’ll tell you more about the upcoming major features, so until then:

See you on the battlefield!

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