Armored Warfare: Future Plans


With the Raid event underway and October nearly over, we’d like to tell you more about the future of Armored Warfare in the remaining months of 2020 and, of course, in 2021.


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It’s been a very long season with Spirithaven – in fact, it launched eight months ago and it’s still not over. We do have more content, celebrations and bonuses coming to you in November, including:

  • Russia Unity Day with an amazing skin
  • Polish Independence Day with a great-looking skin, camouflage and more
  • Black Friday with more skins, sales and other content

The Raid event will of course run as well to its conclusion but the crowning jewel will be the launch of a new season in late November or early December. This new season will be post-apocalypse-themed and will therefore receive a fitting and original name: “Apocalypse.”


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The first major piece of content for this season will be the first of a new series of Special Operations, taking place in the now post-apocalyptic world of Armored Warfare. Following the supervolcano explosion in Spirithaven and the race for shelter during the Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path, you will be thrown into an unforgiving world where every vehicle becomes irreplaceable and every round of ammunition counts.


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In mid-December, relatively shortly after the launch of Update 0.34, a new post-apocalyptic-themed Battle Path campaign will also start. This Battle Path will bear the name “Echoes of War” and will bring another set of amazing vehicles, the first of which we will unveil in the near future. The campaign will mostly follow the mechanics of Enigma’s Legacy with some tweaks and improvements and will last for the usual three months or so.


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However, the Apocalypse season will not end with it. We have decided to generally detach seasons from specific updates and make them longer, much like Spirithaven was, allowing us to focus on the mood of the update and to make our end of the world scenario fun.

But what can you expect in it or in 2021 in general? Plenty of things!

  • New features such as the upcoming inclusion of wheeled vehicles in AI vehicle pool
  • Plenty of new player vehicles of all classes (yes, including artillery)
  • New PvE missions both in Special Operation and standard PvE format
  • New PvP content, including another new map
  • New Battalion content
  • Many, many new events, raids, bonuses and celebrations with epic skins, camouflages, avatars and more!

We are happy to say that 2021 will be jam-packed with action and will do our utmost to keep you entertained all year long. Stay tuned for more news about the content coming in the near future and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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