The second Spirithaven Raid is now available!


The previously announced second Spirithaven Raid event is now available!

This month-long event will put you into the role of a raider, conquering the territory represented by a map.

You can access the event by:

  • Completing 10 Contract Missions
  • Purchasing access for 499 Gold (click on the Raid icon in your Garage)

Four main rewards in the form of epic skins await you along with a very special one (camouflage), available for completing each objective and for claiming every other reward:

Revenant – an Egyptian-themed skin for the Wilk XC-8 Tier 10 TD. The mysteries of ancient deserts and kingdoms long lost to the sands of time await discovery with the God of Afterlife, Anubis himself, your guide and overlord. Unearth secrets long lost with the Revenant skin and its special abilities. Not only do its wheels show the phases of the Moon, but the hull itself sparks with eldritch energies born from the souls belonging to the jackal-headed divine. On top rests the Skull of Destiny, its eyes glowing with dark fire whenever an unfortunate enemy is spotted. Anubis always hungers for more souls and you are his Reaper. Do not disappoint him, though, or your own will be forfeit.

Hellbeast – this infernal skin is available for the Leclerc T4 Tier 10 MBT. Spawned from the depths of hell, this monster clawed its way out into the world of the living. Black iron, slag and cinder barely contain the inferno within, its very skin ablaze with the fury of its kin. Untamed, the beast will leave only flames and dust in its wake, turning the Earth into a twisted, smoldering version of its home.

Kraken – this skin is available for the K2 Black Panther Tier 10 MBT. There are fates even grimmer than the raging depths of hell. The cold dark of the abyss where souls linger for eons, mournfully looking up towards the unseen skies. The wretched denizens of the deep that eke out an existence feeding upon the damned generations of mariners lost to the sea. The still embrace of an eternity in a watery grave. A torment without end. Such terrors are embodied in the Kraken skin, its essence already half-consumed and phasing into the realm of spirits. Do not succumb to its lures, commanders, lest you join the legions of the dead powering this abomination.

Archangel – this skin is available for the XM1A3 Tier 10 MBT. Where there’s darkness, there must be light, but some light is terrifying to behold, representing not hope, but unforgiving retribution. Expect no mercy from this angel, for his sole focus is the annihilation of the infernal, his focus is unmoving and his quest eternal. He cares not for the suffering of man but should his goals align with yours, you’ll wield the might of all of creation. For a time, at least.

For more pieces of information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Raid (Click to Open)

What is the Raid event?

The Raid is a month-long event, in which you, as a Raider, conquer certain territory by moving along the lines representing roads and other paths and forming a grid. Each grid intersection has a point that is either a mission that you must complete (Mission Points), or a reward that you may claim (Reward Points). Completing the mission or claiming the reward unlocks another portion of the grid. The main prizes await you in each of the territory map’s corners. Players who complete all missions and claim all rewards receive a special reward.


Once the map is available to you (either by purchasing access or completing 10 Contract Missions), start from the center by clicking on one of the dots that show the initial direction of your advance.

What rewards are there available?

Standard Reward Points that can be found around the grid will reward you with various items such as Reputation, Gold or even Battle Coins for an upcoming Battle Path. The top rewards that are waiting for you in each of the map’s corners are the following epic skins:

  • Wilk XC-8 Revenant
  • Leclerc T4 Hellbeast
  • K2 Kraken
  • XM1A3 Archangel

Please note that these skins do not come with the vehicles themselves. The skins also work with multiple vehicle upgrades where applicable. For example, on Wilk XC-8, the skin works with or without the anti-RPG cage armor installed.


Finally, completing all missions and claiming all rewards will unlock the top reward – a lava surface camouflage called Raider.

What missions appear in Raid?

There are four categories of missions available:

  • PvP missions (which require you to play either Random Battles or Global Operations)
  • PvE missions (which require you to play either standard PvE or Special Operations)
  • General missions (which can be completed in both PvP and PvE)
  • Elite missions (which require you to complete a very difficult objective in order to access major rewards such as the abovementioned skins)

General, PvE and PvP missions have randomized requirements that may include the use of vehicles from specific dealers, or playing specific Tiers. Elite missions are not randomized.


Can I obtain the rewards only by playing my favorite mode? For example, I do not want to play PvP or PvE.

Yes, with one exception. The Raider camouflage will require you to collect all the rewards, which requires either play missions or complete the ones you do not wish to play by using Raider Tokens.


Some missions require me to do things I do not understand, like Kill or Eliminate. Can you explain?

There are several goal categories included:

  • Kill/Destroy
  • Assist
  • Eliminate
  • Performance requirement

Kill (or Destroy, which is the same thing) simply means you have to be the player who deals the finishing blow to the target.

Assist means that you have to be the player who deals the most damage to the target (save for killing it). There is no threshold – if player A deals 40 percent of all the damage to the target, player B deals 30 percent of all the damage done to the target and then player C deals the remaining 30 percent and kills it, player A will get the “assist”. Kill or assist requirements often come together, so you can either achieve a kill, or an assist and both will count towards your mission progress.

Eliminate means that you have to destroy the target AND, at the same time, be the player dealing the most damage to it. What that means is that, in the case described above, no player would achieve elimination. However, if two players dealt 30 percent of damage each and then another player dealt 40 percent of damage and killed the target, that player would achieve elimination.

Performance is the percentage of hits that hit your target while dealing main hitpoint damage. In other words, a mission with 80 percent performance requirement requires 80 percent of all your shells to hit your target and deal hitpoint damage to it. What this means is that:

  • Shells that hit and deal damage (even without penetration, like HE explosions) will count
  • Shells that don’t hit but still deal damage (HE splash) don’t count
  • Shells that hit but don’t deal damage (non-penetrations, ricochets) don’t count
  • Shells that hit but only deal module damage (hitting enemy ERA, tracks or gun) don’t count

Is it possible to change missions if I do not like the conditions?

Yes. You may obtain a Reroll Token from a Reward Point. Using it changes the conditions of a single mission. Please note that PvP missions cannot be rerolled into PvE ones and vice versa, the main mode requirement will always remain the same. Elite missions cannot be rerolled. Reroll Tokens can also be purchased for Gold.


Is it possible to skip missions?

Yes. You may obtain a Raider Token from a Reward Point. Using it will instantly complete the mission you have selected. However, please note that these items are rare and you best save yours for a rainy day. Please also note that completing Elite missions this way will cost you five Raider Tokens. Raider Tokens can also be purchased for Gold.


What are the time limits on this event?

The Raid missions have no timers and, if you wish, the entire event can be completed even on Day 1. The only timer that is present is the one-month deadline that starts at the event’s launch and is therefore the same for everybody. You can see the time left to complete the event in the upper right corner of the Raid window.

Good luck on the battlefield, commanders!

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