Vehicles in Focus – Challenger 1 (feat. Mighty Jingles)

The Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank is almost certainly one of the best British Main Battle Tanks ever built. Today, we are going to explore its history and gameplay characteristics with the Mighty Jingles in this guide.

In Armored Warfare, the Challenger 1 is one of the most well-armored tanks of its tier. This focus on protection is underlined by the vehicle having (unique among tier 7 Main Battle Tanks) two armor retrofit slots. In addition, players can also unlock an improved armor kit consisting of ERA side armor and applique armor plates on the frontal hull. Beyond its excellent armor protection, the Challenger can be equipped with smoke grenade launchers for extra survivability in case it needs to retreat or take cover quickly.

While its penetration value is lower than that of other tier 7 MBTs, it is by no means insufficient. The firepower of the 120mm L30A1 rifled gun allows the Challenger to deal just as much damage as it can take.

The mobility of the vehicle is also quite good – while it is not capable of chasing down enemy Light Tanks or AFVs, the Challenger 1 can nevertheless keep up the pace with most of the vehicles on the battlefield. If you like vehicles with excellent protection and prefer to be the shield of your team, the Challenger 1 is the ideal tank for you.

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