SD Client and 32bit Support Ends This Week


Three months ago, we announced the end of us supporting 32bit systems while mentioning that this would happen in December. Please note that this change will happen with the next 0.30 Update that is very likely coming later this week.


Along with it, we will also be effectively cutting support for the SD version of the client. Players, who currently have the SD client installed, will retain the ability to use it, but new players will only be able to install the HD version. The SD version of the client will be removed completely after yet undetermined period of time.

Please note that the only difference between the HD version and the SD version of the client is texture resolution and, as such, this change should not pose a problem for the vast majority of SD client players.

These changes will allow us to focus more resources on the development of advanced visual features, some of which we’ll unveil during the upcoming Season.

See you on the battlefield!

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