Winter Calendar – Stage Two


The second stage of the Winter Calendar event begins today. We’ve once again prepared a special Winter Calendar series of missions for you!


What do you have to do to claim the amazing, cool presents we’ve prepared for you? It’s simple! Every day, until December 31, play one battle in any mode while dealing 2.500 points of damage and you’ll receive the gift of the day automatically!

To make things even more interesting, we’ve also prepared a special page for you. Here, you can track each day’s prize! And last but not least, a special bonus was also added for obtaining 10, 15 and 20 out of 27 rewards.

Please note:

For the purposes of this event, a day starts at midnight GMT each day (1 AM CET, 3 AM MSK). The event, which started earlier today at 1 AM CET therefore ends on January 1, 1 AM CET.

We hope that you will enjoy the event and will see you on the battlefield!

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