Lords of War Season 0 - Results


The Lords of War Season 0 is over. We launched this season on the Public Test Server with the intent to allow you to experience the first version of the competitive Lords of War mode.

During the past month, you helped us to test this feature and we are happy to report that we gathered a lot of your feedback, which will be taken into account when developing the mode further and preparing the launch of Season 1 on the Live servers.

We are very happy to report that several thousand players took part in Lords of War Season 0.

The best 50 players and teams are listed on the Lords of War Ranking page (sorted by average prestige gain and winrate), but the true winners of Season 0 are the teams that managed to attain the longest winstreaks in each Conflict Zone!

These teams are (sorted alphabetically):

  • Bloody Red Squadron - Cold Strike
  • GITGUT - Frontline
  • GTX TEAM - Reactor
  • Odem Mortis 2 - Pipelines
  • Odem Mortis 5 - Port Storm
  • Odem Mortis Team 1 - Roughneck
  • OnTour - River Point
  • Snowflake - Coastal Threat
  • SRY blame - Lost Island
  • Tender Dose Of Death - Narrows
  • The Church of Kevin - Ghost Field

The members of the best teams will receive a special reward on the Live servers:

  • 7 days of Premium Time
  • 1,500 Gold
  • Skull Decal
  • "S0 Champion" Title
  • "S0 Combatant" Title

Please note that only those players, who were a part of the winning team at the end of the season, will receive this reward.

Season 0 Rewards

All the players, who participated in Season 0, will receive their Prestige Level rewards on the Live server today as per the Lords of War Season 0 reward table.


Additionally, the players, who achieved Prestige Level 20 (reduced from Level 25) received the PTL-02 (or Gold) as a reward for the Lords of War Assault event.

Please note that due to an error in our database, the vehicle (or Gold) was awarded to players, who did not meet the event requirements. These incorrectly awarded vehicles (or Gold) will be removed from player accounts today. For this inconvenience, each affected player will receive a small gift of 500 Gold.

We would like to thank you all for the participation in the Season 0 Lords of War testing. We will now carefully evaluate all your feedback in preparations of Season 1 introduction in Update 0.19.

See you on the battlefield!

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