Early Access 5 Starts Today

Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to announce that the Early Access 5 phase of testing opening today! This testing phase will take place from September 3rd, 2015 till September 20th, 2015 and the servers will be open 24 hours a day! Please note that there will not be any progression reset between Early Access 4 and Early Access 5 phases.

Main features and updates of the Early Access 5 version

  • New Tutorial Mode (PvE Operation Royalty - players will now have access to our new training mission. In this mission, new players will be able to learn about the different mechanics the game has to offer.)
  • New PvP map - Lost Island
  • Changes to PvE: Two new PvE operations with brand new PvE mission interface, named "minibosses" can now appear on PvE maps, added new "Insane" difficulty level available only on tier 8 vehicles
  • PvE Daily Missions
  • New vehicles - T92, XM1, M41, ERC 90, XM800T, XM8, Leopard 1A5, BMP-1P, Dragoon 300 90
  • New light tank class ability ("Override ECU")
  • Kill camera (an option to see the vehicle that killed you in a cinematic replay)
  • Title system (titles for players, available after meeting certain conditions such as obtaining an achievement)
  • New Rewards for the second half of a vehicle's reputation bar: Players with vehicles that have all their modules unlocked (50%+ reputation unlocked) will be able to earn additional credit bonuses, titles, retrofits and more by playing and earning reputation for that vehicle.
  • Overhaul of the vehicle status interface
  • New UI feature: Environmental camouflage indicator
  • French Localization
  • Significant performance update
  • Large number of bug fixes

Please note that the Base mechanism was disabled for the time being in order to introduce further improvements and fixes to it. For more detailed feature preview, please visit our Early Access 5 article.

Early Access 5 Patchnotes

Early Access 5 phase of testing will start with Update 0.8.1374. In order to improve the game further, we have introduced numerous changes to the original Update 0.8. These include:

Ingame Mechanisms

  • Significantly decreased the cost of Mk. 2 and Mk. 3 retrofits (Mk.1 costs unchanged, Mk.2 retrofits are now 1.5x the cost of Mk.1 (earlier: 2x), Mk.3 retrofits are now 2x the cost of Mk.1 (earlier: 4x)
  • Added in support for various Kill Reasons when a player is defeated. Destroyed, Crew Killed, Drowned, and Falling Damage
  • AFK checking mechanism was disabled in the tutorial mission
  • Crew skills are now disabled and cannot be triggered when a crew member is incapacitated

Vehicle Changes

  • RDF/LT grenade smoke launcher module was removed since the model has no smoke visible grenade launchers
  • Leopard block renamed to “Leopard Variant MBTs”
  • Fixed the M2 Bradley visuals
  • XM8 buffed
  • Leopard 2AV now has smoke grenade launcher available

User Interface

  • Dealer Notifications improved
  • Increased tank name field size
  • Friends list size increased to 100
  • Founder Pack owners will now receive a new “Founder” title
  • Added the support for 1280x1024 resolution

Map Updates

  • All PvP Maps updated with latest versions to integrate bug fixes
  • All PvE Maps updated with latest versions to integrate bug fixes
  • Fixed the Snakebite PvE map collision issues of certain objects

Bugs and Fixes

  • Corrected some localization elements in the client
  • Corrected some issues with the Polish, French and German localization of the game
  • Fixed the “Designate Target” ability UI
  • Smoke grenade UI was added to XM8 correctly
  • Many optimizations and corrections added to the Base Mode
  • Fixed an issue where dealer notifications weren't being triggered in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to respec crew members
  • Fixed the issue where fire damage in PvE was not rewarded correctly
  • Fixed issue with crew skills not being removed when a crew skill is deleted leading to cases with doubly-added crew skills
  • Drowned vehicles are now charged for repairs and shown as having drowned in the post-match report
  • Fixed the issue where players didn’t receive the tutorial achievement properly
  • Fixed some issues with 32bit version of Armored Warfare client
  • Certain graphic features were updated to increase the performance on low and medium settings
  • Fixed the issue where tank silhouettes did not appear on Low graphic settings
  • Fixed the Ariete aiming issue
  • Fixed the issue where AI tanks (and dead hulls) could be invisible when a player reconnects under certain circumstances
  • Fixed some issues causing the client to crash
  • Fixed the issue where certain laptops were using the integrated motherboard GPU instead of the accelerator one when running Armored Warfare, causing laptop owners to experience extremely low FPS
  • Fixed the issue with only 4/5 team members showing up on the PvE Victory Screen
  • Fixed numerous smaller bugs and problems

See you on the battlefield!

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