In Development: Second Spirithaven Raid


With the Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path over and the Anniversary Takedown slowly coming to an end, we understand that you might have some concerns regarding having enough to do in Armored Warfare. No worries though because another Raid event is coming in the near future and it’s going to be a big one.

Now, in case you forgot what Raid is, it’s a month-long event available directly in the game, much like a Battle Path. To join the event, you’ll have to complete 10 Contract Missions or, failing that, it will also be possible to buy your way into it with 499 Gold, but we promise it’ll be worth it.

As raiders, you’ll have a certain territory to conquer, starting from the middle. The territory is of rectangular shape with one of the four main prizes located in each corner. And what prizes they are.


Four unique skins await you during this event, each better than the last.


Revenant – an Egyptian-themed skin for the Wilk XC-8 Tier 10 TD. The mysteries of ancient deserts and kingdoms long lost to the sands of time await discovery with the God of Afterlife, Anubis himself, your guide and overlord. Unearth secrets long lost with the Revenant skin and its special abilities. Not only do its wheels show the phases of the Moon, but the hull itself sparks with eldritch energies born from the souls belonging to the jackal-headed divine. On top rests the Skull of Destiny, its eyes glowing with dark fire whenever an unfortunate enemy is spotted. Anubis always hungers for more souls and you are his Reaper. Do not disappoint him, though, or your own will be forfeit.

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Hellbeast – this infernal skin is available for the Leclerc T4 Tier 10 MBT. Spawned from the depths of hell, this monster clawed its way out into the world of the living. Black iron, slag and cinder barely contain the inferno within, its very skin ablaze with the fury of its kin. Untamed, the beast will leave only flames and dust in its wake, turning the Earth into a twisted, smoldering version of its home.

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Kraken – this skin is available for the K2 Black Panther Tier 10 MBT. There are fates even grimmer than the raging depths of hell. The cold dark of the abyss where souls linger for eons, mournfully looking up towards the unseen skies. The wretched denizens of the deep that eke out an existence feeding upon the damned generations of mariners lost to the sea. The still embrace of an eternity in a watery grave. A torment without end. Such terrors are embodied in the Kraken skin, its essence already half-consumed and phasing into the realm of spirits. Do not succumb to its lures, commanders, lest you join the legions of the dead powering this abomination.

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Archangel – this skin is available for the XM1A3 Tier 10 MBT. Where there’s darkness, there must be light, but some light is terrifying to behold, representing not hope, but unforgiving retribution. Expect no mercy from this angel, for his sole focus is the annihilation of the infernal, his focus is unmoving and his quest eternal. He cares not for the suffering of man but should his goals align with yours, you’ll wield the might of all of creation. For a time, at least.


Completing all the missions in the event will unlock a special Raider camouflage for all your vehicles as the ultimate prize for the players who want to have it all.


To get to them, you have to advance a path to each corner. To advance, you have to complete various randomized missions. You will have a choice between:

  • PvP missions
  • PvE missions
  • General missions

The requirements for each mission will be randomized as well – some may require you to play a certain vehicle class, specific Tiers or even vehicles from a specific dealer. Since the last Raid, we have tuned the difficulty of some of these missions and have removed some of them based on your feedback, so you will hopefully find this Raid easier to progress through and more fun.

There are no timers in this event. You can complete as many missions as you like each day, although it’s worth noting that the missions do not change – to advance along the route you’ve chosen, you have to either complete the mission or choose a different path.

Alternatively, you have two other options that are available for Gold:

  • You can automatically complete a mission using one Raider Ticket
  • You can change the mission to a different one using one Reroll Ticket

These tickets also appear as rewards as you progress through the mission, so you might save one or two for a rainy day.

For each mission completed, the next step along the route will be a Reward Point, where you claim your reward for the mission. There will be many prizes available. These Reward Points are also a part of your path, so you need to choose their position carefully. Either way, you can unlock every single field on the map as long as you complete the missions.

We hope that you will enjoy this event along with the prizes and, as always:

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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