Developer Diary: Namer Changes


Some time ago, we have introduced the Namer Tier 10 Premium Armored Fighting Vehicle and... okay, that’s not exactly accurate. It wasn’t just “some” time ago – it was a long time ago.


More than nine months, in fact and, as the first point of this article, we’d like to apologize for that. Back then, we planned its release for February-March and what seemed like a straightforward thing turned out to be one of the most problematic vehicles to date development-wise for numerous (mostly internal) reasons. Nevertheless, we’ve returned to this long-awaited vehicle and are ready to show it to you in a new form.

First and foremost, we are changing the class of the vehicle from an AFV to a Tank Destroyer. This is done for a specific gameplay reason. The Namer is not intended as a scouting vehicle and the AFV class would see it matched against Sphinxes and other much lighter vehicles. That in turn would sometimes lead to imbalanced teams in PvP. Since the T-15 or Kinzhal would be a much more suitable match to the Namer and the class change solves that issue.

Next, we made the following changes:

  • We’ve reduced the basic viewrange to 370m
  • The basic configuration no longer has PELE ammunition

There are three configurations now available:

  • Scout Configuration now increases the viewrange by 15% and adds the 30mm PELE ammunition that was previously usable in all configurations. Additionally, it increases the ATGM rate of fire by 50% compared to the baseline value
  • Autocannon Configuration now reduces the autocannon overheat rate by 50% and introduces two new 40mm Super Shot rounds – APFSDS (with 52 damage per shot and 390mm penetration) and PELE (with 72 damage per shot and 125mm penetration)
  • ATGM Configuration that increases the launcher rate of fire and decreases the launcher reload time by 75% (but doesn’t feature any autocannon buffs or PELE ammunition)

And that’s pretty much it. The rest remains the same, although we have solved several issues from the previous versions, including:

  • Unmanned turret taking full damage
  • Turret ring being too vulnerable
  • Ammo rack being too vulnerable
  • Autocannon overheating issues
  • Other assorted issues

We hope you will enjoy this new Tank Destroyer that’s coming in the near future and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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