Reaper Encore


The Reaper vehicles turned out to be a huge success and became quite popular with the community. The awesome Grim Reaper-themed camouflage really makes them stand out on the battlefield, as do their abilities.

To give you the opportunity to get your hands on them for a while longer, we have decided to prolong the Black Friday Sales event to December 1, 9 AM CET (12 AM PST)!


But that's not all! The 20% Collector's Editions discount will be prolonged until December 1 as well!

And last but not least, we have decided to amend the Black Friday Special event rules - in your favor!

  • All players, who purchase the MERC vehicles or the Reaper bundle until December 1 are now eligible
  • We are increasing the amount of winners who will receive the Gold they spent for a MERC vehicle or the Reaper bundle back from 100 to 200!

The list of lucky winners will be announced on Monday, December 5.

We hope that you will enjoy these events and will see you on the battlefield!

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