Northern Wind Battle Path Pre-Order


The Northern Wind Battle Path is coming around the end of June 2021 with all its epic prizes!


You can, however, secure your place in it even today and with a discount no less, as three bundles are available on MY.GAMES Market:

  • Northern Wind access (5% off)
  • Northern Wind access and 50.000 Battle Coins (10% off)
  • Northern Wind access and 10 Battle Coin Boosters (10% off)

Please note that while the boosters can be activated even without a running Battle Path, doing so will lead to no advantage, you’d only waste your booster.


What awaits you in this Battle Path?

  • Four Scandinavian Premium vehicles (including the legendary Strv 2000)
  • Viking-inspired skins for progression vehicles
  • The Battle Coin Shop makes a return, this time with improved stock, including the vehicles from the Echoes of War Battle Path and epic skins

You can read more about all of the rewards in our dedicated article.

See you on the battlefield!

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