Maintenance - October 17

On the 17th of October 2019, starting from 8:00 CEST (16th of October, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.30.5773.


List of Update 0.30.5773 Changes

New Vehicles

We are adding three new vehicles to Armored Warfare:

  • T249 Vigilante Tier 9 Progression AFV, unlockable from the Tier 8 Ramka-99 TD (learn more)
  • M8 MGM-166 Tier 10 Progression TD, unlockable from the T249 Vigilante (learn more)
  • Object 287 Tier 6 Premium TD (learn more)

The T249 Vigilante is a fast AFV with massive, burst-firing rotary cannon while the M8 MGM-166 (also known as LOSAT) is the ultimate Tank Destroyer of Armored Warfare that uses a brand new mechanism – kinetic missiles. You can learn about all of those vehicles in their respective articles.

Abrams Improvements

In this Update, we are improving most high-Tier Abrams vehicles, as such:

  • M1A2C now has the Trophy hard-kill APS available
  • M1A2C reload time reduced from 10s to 8.75s
  • XM1A3 now has the Trophy hard-kill APS available
  • TTB now has a better upgraded APFSDS shell available, the M829A3 with improved penetration and damage
  • TTB’s Ready Rack rate of fire improved from 8 to 15 rounds per minute
  • TTB’s aim time for both guns improved from 2.2s to 1.8s
  • TTB’s gun accuracy was tweaked very slightly to make it correspond to the M1A2C

General Changes

  • American Dream, Special Operation 3: Fixed the No Mercy achievement
  • American Dream, Special Operation 2: Fixed the model of the fuel truck that appears at the end of the mission
  • Stryker ADATS: Reduced the camouflage penalty for firing its weapons as such: ATGM from 0.2 to 0.12, rockets from 0.4 to 0.07
  • Stryker ADATS: Its unmanned turret no longer takes full damage
  • M48 GAU-8: Added an additional progression module called “Weight Reduction Measures“, which improves this vehicle’s acceleration by 15% and its maximum speed by 20% at the expense of 200 hitpoints
  • M48 GAU-8: Fixed the penetration indicator for this vehicle – it will turn yellow if only partial penetrations (with reduced damage) are predicted (the same principle applies to the M8 MGM-166 TD)
  • M48 GAU-8: Fixed the appearance of flags on this vehicle
  • QN-506: Fixed the appearance of the loitering recon missile spotting effect

Known Issues

  • As you already know, the M8 MGM-166 missiles will have their penetration increase with distance. However, due to an issue present in this Update, this increase isn't taken into account when calculating penetration indicator color, making it appear as yellow even though the penetration is guaranteed thanks to your distance to the target
  • At the launch of this Update, some players (notably those, who haven't entered the game in a while) may temporarily see their Friend and Ignore list as empty. This issue will be resolved in the near future
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