Maintenance - July 2

On the 2nd of July 2020, starting from 8:00 CEST (1st of July, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.32.7122


List of Update 0.32.7122 Changes

Battle UI Indicator Fixes

Based on your feedback, we’re introducing a number of adjustments to the recently added overhauled UI indicators, as we promised we would. Specifically:

  • Fixed an issue where vehicle indicator could appear on incorrect places
  • Added new font size options (small and very small)
  • Reduced the indicator font boldness
  • It’s now possible (via a new setting in the Settings panel) to change the color of your or the enemy team’s vehicle indicators in the game
  • Dead AI opponents no longer appear with indicators
  • It’s now possible to switch the health indicator between percentage and actual hitpoints
  • Flyaway hitpoints logic was changed a bit so they don’t merge so much, allowing players to better identify damage from autocannons
  • Many tiny changes to the appearance of these indicators

AI Opponent Aiming Changes

In accordance with the previously released article, we are introducing the following changes:

  • AI ATGMs are now considerably less accurate
  • Changed the AI aiming system in accordance with the article linked above and optimized its performance
  • AI opponents now target unmanned turrets less often
  • Fixed an issue where the AI opponents did not use their Ready Racks correctly
  • Fixed an issue where some AI opponents would not use ATGMs

Global Operations Air Raid Changes

Changed the number of possible Air Raid wildcard spawn points in the Global Operations mode as such:

  • Ghost Field: Reduced by 25%
  • Roughneck: Reduced by 40% along with a small reduction of AC-130 spawns
  • Panama: Reduced by 20%
  • Grindelwald: Reduced by 50%
  • Narrows, Desert Crossing and Barren Divide: no changes

General Changes

  • Mechanized Infantry is now invulnerable for a short period of time after deployment
  • Mechanized Infantry active ability description tooltip now has its characteristics in it (shell type, damage dealt, view range, camouflage and the number of troops in the squad)
  • Fixed an issue where infantry would not deploy properly upon respawn
  • Challenger 2: Armor Inspector model now correctly shows hits that would kill the loader
  • PL-01: Fixed an issue where this vehicle’s ADAPTIV module would not always provide the intended camouflage amount
  • Fixed an issue where the damage dealt to various objects such as pillboxes would show in your UI as blocked damage
  • Fixed an issue where changing the camouflage environment type (for example, from Desert to Woodland) would not lead to the change of the vehicle’s appearance correctly
  • Fixed the mortar crew firing animation
  • Fixed the double flag issue for the following vehicles: XM247, M50 Ontos and WPB Anders
  • Fixed an issue where the doors of an IFV would not close if the Mechanized Infantry deployment was unsuccessful
  • Fixed some issues that led to game crashes
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