Lords of War Season 0 Update


We have carefully evaluated your first feedback on the Lords of War Season 0, available on the Armored Warfare Public Test Server since the 6th of September.

In order to make Season 0 more accessible, we have decided to increase the Public Test Server income from all battles significantly. Playing on Public Test Server now awards enough Reputation and Credits to unlock all vehicle upgrades practically instantly. Additionally, next week we will be giving each PTS player a large amount of Credits and Global Reputation to have enough currency to unlock every upgrade.

Another matter is the one of the Season 0 schedule.

The Lords of War mode is available from 7 AM PDT to 10 PM PDT (4 PM CEST to 7 AM CEST) every day as per the following Conflict Zone schedule:

  • Frontline (7 AM to 9 AM PDT, Tier 4)
  • Roughneck (8 AM to 10 AM PDT, Tier 7)
  • River Point (9 AM to 11 AM PDT, Tier 10)
  • Port Storm (10 AM to 12 PM PDT, Tier 4)
  • Lost Island (11 AM to 1 PM PDT, Tier 9)
  • Pipelines (12 PM to 2 PM PDT, Tier 6)
  • Coastal Threat (2 PM to 4 PM PDT, Tier 3)
  • Reactor (4 PM to 6 PM PDT, Tier 4)
  • Narrows (5 PM to 7 PM PDT, Tier 8)
  • Ghost Field (6 PM to 8 PM PDT, Tier 6)
  • Cold Strike (6:30 PM to 10 PM PDT, Tier 10)

For more information about Season 0 please see the Lords of War guide.

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