Last Chance to Buy Founder’s Pack!

The Head Start phase is coming to an end and with it the possibility to purchase one of the available Founder’s Packs. These packs contain a number of exclusive items, such as:

  • Exclusive Vanguard title and achievement
  • Exclusive commander (Maximilian Koenig )
  • Two unique vehicles – the Expeditionary Tank and the BMPT “Terminator”

Exclusive Commander


Maximilian Koenig is a private individual, focused solely on his career. In Armored Warfare, this is reflected by two special skills that allow the players using this commander in their vehicles to progress even faster than usual. These skills are:

  • Career Soldier – increases the reputation gained by the vehicle with Maximilian Koenig on board by 10 percent
  • Accelerated Training – increases the crew experience gained by 10 percent

Beyond these two skills, this commander’s skills can also increase crew attributes, make the gun aim faster, increase the view range of his vehicle, increase crew hitpoints or the turret traverse speed. Overall he is a well-rounded commander, especially useful for players who want to progress as fast as possible to unlock the coveted high-tier tanks.

Exclusive Vehicles

The BMPT Terminator in Armored Warfare is a tier 6 AFV. It was designed to accompany regular tanks and to provide increased protection against infantry attacks. Unlike any other AFV in the game, it is heavily armored – the protection equals to a main battle tank of the same tier and includes an ERA set. The unmanned turret is lightly armored but – just like other unmanned turrets in the game – only takes partial damage when hit by enemy fire.


This makes the vehicle exceptionally durable, but it is quite fast as well – thanks to its powerful diesel engine it easily reaches the cruising speed of 50 km/h, allowing it to move rapidly around the battlefield, providing fire support wherever needed – and to do just that, it is equipped with two weapons: powerful twin 30mm automatic cannons capable of shredding light targets in seconds and a multiple ATGM launcher system that can fire four missiles in quick succession. Thus armed the Terminator can take apart practically every opponent it encounters on the battlefield.

The Expeditionary Tank is a tier 6 Light Tank. The prototype of this vehicle was built by the Americans to provide the U.S. Army with air-transportable mobile firepower. While the original project failed, the in-game version most certainly does not. It is armed with a powerful 105mm gun that can pierce practically any armor it encounters and can deal even with heavy enemy vehicles. To keep its weight low and its mobility as excellent as it is, this vehicle foregoes heavy armor in favor of its blazing speed. And fast it is – the vehicle can reach the maximum speed of nearly 80 km/h in mere seconds and can use it to flank its opponents.


It shines especially in open terrain where it can literally run circles around the MBT’s or Tank Destroyers (which is exactly what the Light Tanks in Armored Warfare are designed to do). The gun’s excellent depression and the light tank class ability to fire accurately on the move ensure the player’s aim never goes off while the vehicle pours one round after another into the weakly armored areas of the otherwise much heavier steel behemoths.

Whether you prefer speed and agility or heavy armor, the Founder’s Packs vehicles do have something to offer to every type of player. Please note that the exclusive Founder’s Pack vehicles (BMPT Terminator and Expeditionary Tank) are guaranteed to be exclusive for at least one year from the official release of the vehicles to public (8th of October, 2015). Founder's packs can be purchased here, should you wish to do so.

See you on the battlefield!

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