Introducing Kathryn Grey


Kathryn Grey is the reward commander for Episode 4 for the players who complete at least two out of three objectives.


Kathryn Grey grew up in Florida in a family of a car mechanic. She has always been a bit of a tomboy, tinkering with cars in her dad’s garage. Economic crisis forced her to enlist in the U.S. Army to help support her family. After the collapse of the American forces in Europe, she was offered a lucrative contract by Clayburn Industries that she could not refuse. New to the corporate world, she found it to be a poor fit to her wild, gung-ho personality. In 2039, after receiving the orders to kill civilians, she joined the Seahawk rebellion.

For her full biography, please visit our dedicated article.

Kathryn Grey is a wild, aggressive commander, suitable for short-range Main Battle Tanks. Her skills reflect that fact.


Kathryn Grey’s Basic Skill is called Battle Fuse, decreasing the vehicle’s reload speed by 0.2% per level to a maximum of 7.95%, but only when her vehicle is under 50% hitpoints.

Other Tier 1 and Tier 2 skills are also suitable for Main Battle Tanks:

  • No Deaths improves crew hitpoints (making the vehicle’s crew harder to knock out)
  • Steel Support improves track hitpoints (making the vehicle harder to immobilize)
  • In Your Face improves agility (hull traverse) when the enemy is within 50 meters
  • Prompt Response improves turret traverse when the enemy is within 50 meters
  • Maxed Out improves repair speed in general

Her other skills improve her vehicle‘s mobility at the start of every match:

  • Crouch Start improves vehicle acceleration within the first 120 seconds of battle
  • Out of the Gate improves vehicle maximum speed within the first 120 seconds of battle

She also has firepower enhancement skills that go together with the basic skill:

  • Rage increases module damage when her vehicle is under 50% hitpoints

Kathryn Grey has three Tier 3 skills. To have all three unlocked at the same time, the commander has to be promoted to Rank 15:

  • Perception increases turret traverse speed (unconditionally)
  • 2x Track and Destroy skills, with each increasing the spotting distance for 10 seconds by 18,75 meters (when both are unlocked, it’s 37,5 meters) when the tank receives any damage

In other words, a tank commanded by Kathryn Grey will be very difficult to ambush as the sniper is almost instantly spotted by the commander.

This makes Kathryn Grey an ideal commander for heavy tanks such as the Challenger 2 ATDU, leading the charge. Even if her tank gets fired upon, the improved tracks can withstand more punishment than usual, the vehicle repairs faster and the previously hidden enemies are quickly spotted thanks to her Tier 3 perks.

In a different configuration, Kathryn Grey’s vehicle can dish out high amounts of damage when damaged – the choice is yours!

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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