Community Highlight - Pt.84


We are happy to introduce another part of the Community Highlight series, showcasing the contributions of Armored Warfare community members. The past days have been packed with exciting events:

And of course, the Steam Launch - the game is now available on Steam!

To celebrate the release on Steam and of Update 0.22, we and the community have prepared events and streams you can watch or participate in!

Ritagamer Stream

Ritagamer will be streaming with Armored Warfare's Content Manager, Silentstalker on her channel:

The stream will take place on November 24 at 21:00 CET (12 AM PST).

Bounty Hunt Contest

The Bounty Hunt Contest enters its last part today at 18:00 CET and 7:30 PST - shoot down a clan member to receive 10 Gold Loot Crates!

Helping the NA server complete Objective 2 of Episode 4

Episode 4 includes Global Operations gameplay - join Kloudwolf in playing Tier 5 and Tier 6 Global Operations this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5 PM EST (2 PM PST).

Creator of the Week

The Creator of the Week for the 84th Community Highlight is: Kosmic_K and his review of the Sabre AFV!

Kosmic_K wins 300 Gold for his excellent piece of content.

Community Content

This week saw a number of both old and returning Streamers and Youtubers review the Update 0.22 changes!

First, a set of excellent guides by Reddit user Not_Fireonfergal:


More guides with comments can be viewed in his Imgur album.

A very creative way to kill an opponent by Let_it_Shrek (full size available here)


Entak - Armored Warfare FREE TO PLAY ON STEAM! (A Lot Has Changed)

Gemzol - LAV-300 Gameplays

From the Russian community - 11 best Armored Warfare cartoons by HomeAnimations (amazing even without speaking Russian)

Capt Canada - Steam Update and 0.22 Patch Overview

Lightfoot Freddy - Type-96 hunting down the enemy 6K+ damage

Slim Picks - PL-01 Review

Devient Kage - Update 0.22 and Steam Release My Opinions

Spitfire - 0.22 Update, Chinese vehicles!

That's it for today, looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield! You can submit your community contribution to our dedicated forum section, perhaps it will be your work featured next time.

The best contributions will be rewarded with Gold!

We'll see you on the battlefield!

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