Disabling the Account Reset


Earlier in 2017, along with the major gameplay changes known as “Balance 2.0” that came with Update 0.19, we’ve introduced a single-use option to reset your account progression in order to make the transition to the new system as fair as possible.


The account reset progression consisted of:

  • Complete progression wipe
  • Reputation refund
  • Credit refund

As well as several other elements. Its full scope is described in a dedicated article.

Please note that the Account Reset option is going to be disabled as a part of the launch of the next larger update to Armored Warfare. The update is scheduled to appear in January 2018, the exact date will be announced one day ahead as a part of its maintenance announcement.

After the abovementioned update launch, it will no longer be possible to reset your account progress.

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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