Balance 2.0 - Compensation

Greetings Commanders

As we understand many of the Balance 2.0 changes are drastic on both a progression and premium level, we have compiled a comprehensive compensation plan for all players.


First and foremost, the following actions will take place:

  • All Retrofits will be sold and their full Credit price will be refunded
  • All Crew skills will be reset and previous accrued Crew Experience will be reimbursed to each crew (Crews will not lose their Experience, but players will have to select the skills)
  • All Commander skills will be reset and previously accrued Commander Experience will be reimbursed to each Commander (Commanders will not lose their Experience, but players will have to select the skills)

These resets and refunds are necessary due to the drastic changes to the mechanisms, which have been described elsewhere.

Vehicle Progression Compensation

In Update 0.19, each player will keep his or her current progression, but also be given the option to perform a Progression Reset. The decision need not be taken immediately - players will have the option to actually try out their vehicles in Balance 2.0 before they decide whether to reset the progress or not.

The Progression Reset option, however, will only be available once and will last for one month after a player's first login to the game following the Update 0.19 release on Live server. In other words, players will have a whole month to test Balance 2.0 before they have to decide about the reset.

Please note:

  • The option will be implemented directly into the client and will not involve any actions outside of the game
  • Accounts created after the Balance 2.0 launch will not receive the Progress Reset option

Keeping the Progression

If players do not select the Progression Reset, they will retain their progression levels. For the progression vehicles, there are two separate cases:

  • If the vehicle was stock with no progression (no Reputation accumulated), it will remain stock
  • If the vehicle accumulated any Reputation, it will have all its upgrades unlocked and (if present in the player's Garage) installed, effectively becoming Proven
  • Progress and Customization beyond proven stays the same as it was before (this includes Battle-hardened status, Camouflage etc.)

In cases of progression vehicles that have their Tiers changed, the player will receive their replacements of the same Tier (fully unlocked – Renowned status) along with the old vehicle – pre-0.19 M1A2 owners for example will keep the M1A2 on Tier 8 and receive its Tier 9 replacement, the M1A2 SEP v3 (Renowned), as well. Camouflage, Decals and Battle-Hardened status from the vehicle that moves Tiers will be fully refunded.

In cases of progression vehicles that are removed or turned to Premiums, the players will receive its replacement with Renowned status. Camouflage, Decals and Battle-Hardened status from the removed vehicle or the vehicle-turned-Premium will be fully refunded.

Please note:

  • All consumables and Insignia are removed from each vehicle and stored in the inventory
  • Players with a Premium or Reward vehicle that is being moved to a higher Tier in their inventory will simply get to keep the 0.19 higher Tier version, no strings attached

Progression Reset

This option provides full compensation for the entire account progress. Upon selecting this option, all progression (non-Premium and non-Reward) tanks will be sold. Players will be reimbursed the following:

  • All Credits and Gold spent on purchasing vehicles, their modules and other upgrades
  • All Reputation spent on unlocking and upgrading vehicles in the form of Global Reputation
  • All Gold spent on Battle-Hardened status
  • All Credits and Gold spent on Customization (decals, camouflage)

All equipped Consumables and Insignias will be moved to each player's Inventory.

Please note:

  • The Progression Reset is available only ONCE for each player
  • The Progression Reset option will expire one month after a player's first login to Armored Warfare following the release of Update 0.19.
  • The Progression Reset option is instantaneous and does not require any further actions such as repeated logins

Premium and Reward Vehicles

As a general rule, Premium and Reward vehicles will be completely rebalanced to fit the Balance 2.0 requirements, but will not be reduced in Tier. These rebalances do not constitute “nerfs” - for more information, please see the Compensations section.

There are two groups of Reward and Premium vehicles in Armored Warfare:

  • Unique vehicles (for example, IS-7 or T92 Light Tank)
  • Edition vehicles (for example, T-80 SHARK or Wiesel WOLF)

Both groups are treated a bit differently. The Edition vehicles will – when it comes to their rebalances – remain copies of their fully researched original counterparts (including the Premium ones - if MBT-70 changes, so does MBT-70 MERC for example). This rule concerns the following vehicle editions:

  • All MERC vehicles
  • All ICE vehicles
  • All WOLF vehicles
  • All SHARK vehicles

The changes to the existing vehicle trees and their progression counterparts will, however, make some vehicles change their designation and performance for the better. These include:

  • T-72 ICE will be changed to T-72A ICE (with appropriate performance changes)
  • T-80 SHARK will be changed to T-80U SHARK (with appropriate performance changes)
  • Wiesel 1 WOLF will be changed to Wiesel HOT WOLF (with emphasis on guided missiles)

One unique case will be Centauro 120 WOLF. To keep the “follow the original” rule, Centauro 120 WOLF will become the first and only Tier 9 Premium vehicle. From Update 0.19 launch, the Centauro 120 will no longer be sold in any form. Period.


Unique Premium and Reward vehicles will be rebalanced individually, but there will be some notable changes. Possibly the biggest change will be the shift of some vehicles a Tier higher. These include:

  • BMPT Terminator (Founder’s Pack and Reaper) moving from Tier 6 to Tier 8
  • M1134 moving from Tier 7 to Tier 8
  • WZ-1224 moving from Tier 5 to Tier 6

These Tier changes will happen free of charge. For example, players who purchased a Tier 6 BMPT will essentially now have a free Tier 8 Premium vehicle. However, these vehicles will in the future have their price changed to correspond to their new Tier and will no longer be available for the old (lower) price.


And last but not least, several unique Reward and Premium vehicles will be overhauled in order to work in Balance 2.0:

  • The Type 59 Legend will receive a 105mm gun, making it essentially equal to Type 79
  • The Object 155 will be overhauled to the T-55M1 variant and will be moved to Tier 4

A special case was made for the XM1 FSED, which will be removed from the game and replaced by the M1A1 AIM (with the same American-themed camouflage) at Tier 8. XM1 FSED owners will receive the M1A1 AIM for free instead of their older vehicle.

For more information about Balance 2.0, please visit our dedicated website page.

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