In Development: Fog of War for Ranked Battles


In Update 0.33, we’ll be introducing a new feature to the Battalion Ranked Battles mode – Fog of War.


If you’re familiar with any competitive games, you probably already have a good idea what is this about. Simply put, in a Battalion Ranked Battle, neither team will know the player or vehicle composition of the enemy team until each vehicle is spotted and, even then, the names of enemy players will remain hidden (replaced by an alias) with only the vehicles being displayed to your team.

The full list of player and vehicle names will only be available in the debriefing window upon the battle’s conclusion.

The reasons why we are introducing this change are quite clear – we want to make the competitive aspect of Armored Warfare gameplay more interesting. Without knowing what to expect, competing teams will have to adapt and perhaps even try out new vehicle setups outside of the established meta-gameplay. We’re hoping to see some very interesting battles between major Battalions and also that you’ll enjoy this change.

See you on the battlefield!

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