Developer Q&A - Session 13


Welcome to the newest Q&A Session where developers are answering questions posed by players.


Will you improve the wheeled vehicle handling?

One of the upcoming patches will bring a movement system overhaul to the game. Vehicles will become more diverse when it comes to off-road capabilities and mobility.

Will VBL and Wiesel receive more hitpoints?

Not planned for now.

What will happen to AFVs?

Update 0.22 will bring several changes, including more side armor fixes and more weakspots that their autocannons can damage. We will also make more changes to the spotting and camouflage system so that the AFVs are able to stay hidden for longer. As a result, the AFVs will have more options how to play.

Will artillery return to PvP and Global Operations?

The way it is in the game now - definitely not.

What's up with the powerful HE rounds in 0.21?

We're carefully monitoring their performance - if our statistics show that they are overpowered, we'll deal with them.

Is it possible to actually lose credits per battle in 0.21?

Normally - no. The only exception is when you use consumables.

What about the Insane difficulty for PvE?

It will be in one of the upcoming updates.

That's it for today! Got questions for the developers? Please submit them on the forums!

We'll see you on the battlefield!

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