Remember our Veterans!

Today, on the 11th of November, we are honoring the service of all veterans, who served and sacrificed for their nations all across the world. Untold hundreds of thousands of men fell in the wake of the two most devastating conflicts in human history – the First and Second World War – and it is because of their sacrifice that we can now enjoy the era of peace. However, to maintain that peace, our servicemen and women must be ever-vigilant, and even now the men and women of the armed forces are risking their lives to protect what we all hold most dear.

Thank you all for your service!

In honor of Veterans Day, Armored Warfare is proud to announce the T-62 Veteran Main Battle Tank, free for all players who log-in before November 22nd.

The Tier 3 T-62 Veteran is a special, camouflaged version of the T-62, which features high alpha damage, very good penetration, and excellent armor!

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