Producer Letter: Changes Are Coming


Since the beginning of October, we have begun to implement various changes to the way we host regular weekly in-game events, as well as sales and discounts. We are aware that there are always two sides of a coin, but we do strongly believe that this adjustment in the business model will improve the overall health of the game’s ecosystem.


Below we’ve listed some of the changes we’ve got in the works right now:

In-Game Activities

We plan to have a regular, shifting plan of “standard” activities, with two sets of activities on every normal week. This should introduce more variety to weekly activities and allow you to experience more engaging events, such as short quests with improved rewards.

Once the first phase is set in and working well, we will start working on creating deeper, more engaging in-game activities for special occasions. We will also start to try to create a more agile engagement plan. This should start kicking off sometime early in 2018.

Web Shop

From now on, you will be able to buy all vehicles barebone, with no additional content tied to them, for a standard price, as well as in bundles containing additional items, which will naturally give you more bang for the buck. We believe the practice of forcing you to buy multiple items was not providing a satisfying service, and did not match your purchase needs.

New Premium Vehicles

Any new vehicles will become available in the web shop for real currency only upon release. They will not be available for Gold at first.

Once the first phase is finished and the system is set up, we will collect data and, have no fear, you will be able to also buy majority the new vehicles for your hoard of Gold. This will, however, come with a time delay from the date of first sale for real money. This step should ensure a healthier game economy.

Essentially, there will be a cooldown period between vehicle releases for real money only to the releases for in-game premium currency.

Currency Unification

USD vs Euro prices will be unified – the process will start right now and we hope to remove all items that are priced differently very soon. After the transition is complete, items will cost the same “amount” of money on each cluster. I.e. an item costing 9.99 USD on the NA server will cost 9.99 Euro on the EU server. We are obviously fully aware that the transition does make the actual price of items more expensive, but that is a necessary adjustment due to business reasons.

Gold Bundles

Gold bundles will also be adjusted. We do not plan to change the original core conversion of real currency to Gold, or the purchase power of Gold within the game. The money you have invested into the game is safe, and won’t lose purchase power.

Premium Time

Premium Time will be permanently available in the Web Shop, directly purchasable for real currency, rather than requiring you to first buy Gold and only then buy Premium Time in the game. These will naturally also be subject to discounts on special occasions, just like all other items.

These are only the most surface-visible changes to you, our player, but there is way more going under the hood that we are not ready to talk about now or in the foreseeable future.

We are doing our best to provide the best service possible and to make Armored Warfare the most enjoyable game it can be, for both casual and most dedicated players. These changes are put in place to ensure longevity of the game, as well as improve your experience from day one, for years to come.

See you down along the road of improvement,

  • Armored Warfare Team
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