Offer: T-15 Kinzhal


Today, we’ve prepared the following items for you:

  • T-15 Kinzhal Tier 10 Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Namer Tier 10 Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Abrams AGDS Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Hunter Tier 9 Premium Armored Fighting Vehicle
  • BMPT Mod.2017 Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Iron Crate

Between February 29 and March 7, 2024, the following items will be available:

T-15 Kinzhal

This vehicle is a version of the T-15 heavy IFV (built on the Armata platform) but instead of the Bumerang turret featuring 30mm autocannon, it’s armed with another combat module called Kinzhal. The Kinzhal module’s main armament is long 57mm automatic cannon that can devastate even the heaviest IFVs it could meet on the battlefield. A prototype appeared in 2019 but the concept was not approved for mass production. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the T-15 Kinzhal is a Tier 10 Premium Tank Destroyer. Unlike the original progression version of the T-15, it’s a vehicle that relies heavily on its autocannon. The 57mm gun is immensely powerful and can fire in three round bursts with one of the highest damage per minute outputs in the game. In addition to its outstanding firepower, the Kinzhal is heavily armored and despite its average mobility, it’s one of the most durable and versatile vehicles in Armored Warfare.

This vehicle is available via Loot Crates, which drop T-15 Kinzhal parts. Collect 100 T-15 Kinzhal parts from these Loot Crates to assemble the whole vehicle.



The Namer IFV is an Israeli heavy fighting vehicle version of the Namer platform developed in the early 2000s from the Merkava Main Battle Tank. Israel is a small country and cannot affect high infantry losses, which is why the Namer features extremely high levels of protection. The IFV variant is fitted with a Rafael turret, featuring 30mm autocannon and a Spike missile launcher. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the Namer is a Tier 10 Premium Tank Destroyer. As its history suggests, it is a superheavy TD with its protection levels being amongst the highest of its class. It is slow and ponderous but its thick front can deflect even advanced shells while maintaining adequate firepower thanks to its autocannon and ATGM combination. Its MBT-like characteristics make this vehicle quite forgiving for new players, but, as they say, a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none.

The Namer Tier 10 Premium TD is available in our Web Shop via Loot Crates. Collect 100 blueprint pieces from these crates to obtain the vehicle.


Abrams AGDS

The Abrams AGDS (Armored Ground Defense System) was a vehicle concept and proposal, drafted in July 1996 by Dr. Asher H. Sharoni (a former colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces) and Lawrence D. Bacon from a Californian company called Western Design Howden. It was supposed to be an air-defense vehicle, protecting the Abrams formations against flying threats, although its weaponry can be deployed against ground targets as well. The United States were, at the time, sorely lacking a vehicle comparable to the Russian Shilka and one of the ideas was to use the Abrams chassis paired with a new turret to produce an armored AA gun that would be able to keep up with the American tank units. This plan was never realized and the vehicle stayed only on paper but you can play the Abrams AGDS in Armored Warfare and experience what it would have been like, had it ever been deployed.


In Armored Warfare, the Abrams AGDS is a very unique Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer. What makes it so special are its two large guided missile launchers capable of firing an incredibly devastating volley within seconds. The AGDS can devastate practically every opponent on the battlefield with a single salvo, making it one of the best and most effective mid-to-long range vehicles in the game. At close ranges, it can rely on excellent frontal turret protection and its two 35mm autocannons to keep enemies at bay until the missile launcher reloads to unleash another deadly swarm of missiles. The Abrams AGDS is one of the most feared vehicles in Armored Warfare!

This bundle is available in our Web Shop.


Hunter AFV

Another alternative name for this vehicle is NGAFV (or Next Gen AFV), since it belongs to a whole program to replace the obsolete M113 APC in Singaporean service and to operate alongside its predecessor, another indigenous Singaporean IFV called Bionix. Hunter is the name of the production model of this program. The Hunter AFV is the pinnacle of bleeding edge of technology. In this sense, it can be compared to the AS21 Redback and both vehicles share several characteristics, not the least of which being relatively large size. This bulky IFV offers considerable levels of protection and firepower. It is expected to serve in the Singaporean army in large numbers in the near future with its mass-production having recently begun. You can read more about its history in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the Hunter AFV is a Tier 9 Premium Armored Fighting Vehicle. As its description above suggests, it is a rather standard-sized IFV with good levels of protection and excellent firepower (consisting of a 30mm autocannon and a Spike ATGM launcher). It also features a recently introduced type of armor, NERA. Simply put, NERA is an ablative armor kit that deteriorates whenever it gets hit. In other words, the vehicle starts with excellent protection levels but it will lose some with damage taken as the battle progresses. Apart from that, the vehicle is adequately mobile and quite universal. It can, of course, also deploy Mechanized Infantry.

This bundle is available in our Web Shop.


BMPT Mod.2017

The BMPT Mod.2017 is one specific version of the BMPT Terminator that was deployed in 2017 in Syria for extended testing along with some other Russian prototype equipment, including the SU-57 jet fighter and the Uran-9 combat robot. It consists of a modified T-90 hull with a modernized turret from BMPT-72 installed on it. Another major difference was the presence of a new type of Explosive Reactive Armor that was made of soft fabric bags with explosive filler. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the BMPT Mod. 2017 is a Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer and arguably the most powerful variant of the BMPT family. Like the others, it combines a tank hull with an unmanned turret, armed with two 30mm cannons as well as four missile launchers. Its thick armor and advanced ATGMs quickly made it one of the most feared vehicles of Tier 8 battlefields, a position it retains to this day.

This bundle is available in our Web Shop.


Iron Crate

We’ve prepared for you an additional offer this week. The Iron Crate is available in our Web Shop!


This crate allows you to win a Tier 4 to Tier 10 Premium vehicle (or its value in Gold if you have it already). The crate contains some very rare vehicles, including:

  • ZTL-11 Tier 9 Premium TD
  • VN17 Tier 8 Premium AFV

This bundle is available in our Web Shop.


We hope that you will enjoy the offer and, as always:

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