Offer: St. Patrick with ZUBR PSP


This week, we’ve prepared another set of attractive items for you:

  • ZUBR PSP Tier 7 Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Special St. Patrick’s Day bundles (since March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day)
  • Clover skin for FV721 Fox
  • Challenger 1 Fionn Tier 7 Premium MBT
  • Challenger 1 Falcon Tier 8 Premium MBT

Between March 12 and March 19, 2020, the following items will be available:


The ZUBR was a Czech privately-funded project by PSP Bohemia from the 1990s to develop a successor platform to the aging Soviet-era BMP-series IFVs and various other obsolete specialized vehicles. Even though it was quite advanced for its time, it was ultimately unsuccessful due to the end of the Cold War and the subsequent cuts in European military budgets, including the Czech one. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the ZUBR PSP is a Tier 7 wheeled Premium Tank Destroyer. What makes it fairly unique is the fact that you can choose from two different weapon systems for this vehicle:

  • Cockerill CT-CV turret with 105mm gun
  • Four-barreled TOW ATGM launcher

Each of these weapons changes the gameplay style of the vehicle considerably and it is up to you, how you configure this powerful machine.


St. Patrick’s Day Bundle

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and although St. Patrick's Day is not celebrated just there, it's certainly the day to remember the bravery of the Irish all across the world.


For the occasion, we’ve prepared a special bundle for you with the following Irish-themed content:

  • Challenger 1 Falcon Tier 8 Premium MBT
  • Commander Erin O’Connell
  • Two Commonwealth camouflages
  • Clover decal
  • Green (St. Patrick Day) base paint
  • 30 days of Premium Time
  • 5 Platinum Loot Crates
  • 100 Commander XP Insignia tokens


Clover skin for FV721 Fox

This is a special St. Patrick-themed skin for the FV721 Fox. Please note that in order to apply it, you need to own the progression version of the FV721 Fox. Upon its application, the vehicle’s name will change from Fox to Clover Fox.


In Armored Warfare, the FV721 Fox is a Tier 6 Armored Fighting Vehicle. The FV721 Fox is one of the fastest and nimblest vehicles of Armored Warfare. It can dance around its opponents, unloading round after round of 30mm ammunition into their soft, rear areas, or destroy them from distance using guided missiles. It’s also one of the best spotters in the game, making it extremely valuable to any team it finds itself in.


Challenger 1 Fionn

The Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank has always been a rather unique vehicle amongst the NATO forces. For one, it kept a rifled 120mm cannon when the rest of NATO switched to 120mm smoothbore shells. On the battlefield, however, it has proven to be a tough vehicle, completely outclassing its Soviet era opponents during Operation Desert Storm.


In Armored Warfare, the Challenger 1 Fionn is a Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank. It is one of the toughest vehicles of its tier. Its thick armor allows it to shrug off most hits while the 120mm rifled cannon is more than capable of dealing punishment on its own. The Challenger 1 is ideal for players who like to enter the thickest fights head on, advancing relentlessly through hailstorms of shells.


Challenger 1 Falcon

The Falcon is an experimental turret developed in the early 2000s in Jordan as an upgrade to the Jordanian Al-Hussein (Challenger 1) Main Battle Tanks. It's a low profile turret, armed with an automatically loaded Swiss 120mm L/50 RUAG smoothbore gun, capable of firing standard NATO ammunition. The operator controls the turret from inside the vehicle's hull, significantly improving crew protection. A prototype was built and tested, but the design was never mass-produced.


In Armored Warfare, the Challenger 1 Falcon is a Tier 8 Premium Main Battle Tank. The best word to characterize this lumbering behemoth in the game is “tough” – its excellent hull armor shrugs off most shells while the damage its low profile turret takes when it is reduced by 90% thanks to the fact the crew is not located directly in it. Despite being generally very slow and sluggish, the Challenger 1 Falcon can take tremendous punishment and is ideal for the players who prefer the British Main Battle Tank play style.


We hope that you will enjoy the offer and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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