Maintenance - March 12

On the 12th of March 2020, starting from 8:00 CET (midnight PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.31.6003


List of Update 0.31.6003 Changes

New Features

  • Added the third Spirithaven Special Operation along with its respective achievements
  • The Last Patriot Battle Path ends with this update (please make sure to spend all your Battle Coins before the maintenance)
  • Added a Battle Coin reward for the upcoming Battle Path to the list of War Games Loot Crate drops

Please note that there is a known issue, where, if you destroy the EMP guns before the appearance of the objective for their destruction, the objective will sometimes appear as impossible to complete.

Kinetic ATGM Changes

We are changing the way the kinetic ATGMs work on the Bradley AAWS-H and M8 MGM-166 vehicles as such:

  • Removed the damage randomization, making the shell damage more predictable
  • Distance now again influences damage, but not by much. At the same time, improved the damage value for both kinetic missiles. Depending on the distance, the KEM ATGM will now deal 700 to 840 damage and the CKEM ATGM will now deal 800 to 1000 damage
  • Removed the penetration randomization altogether

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue where the GPU would heat up a lot during the loading screen phase
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle’s ammunition would disappear after a respawn
  • The old Battle Coin Coupons for the Last Patriot Battle Path can now be sold for 10.000 Credits
  • New Battle UI: Added new tooltips to the vehicle status interface, which depend on each module and crew-member’s status
  • New Battle UI: Added new tooltips for the active Commander abilities
  • New Battle UI: Improved the appearance of the shell reload element in the UI
  • New Battle UI: Fixed an issue where respawning could cause some elements to move around to incorrect places
  • Harimau: Fixed and simplified the armor geometry to remove some of its stranger elements (the actual protection levels have not changed)
  • K21: ATGMs can now be launched if the target is lower than before (maximum ATGM camera depression improved from -8 to -20 degrees)
  • K21: Fixed an issue where firing 40mm AP shells imposed too small a camouflage penalty while the penalty for firing 40mm HE shells was in turn too big
  • M8 MGM-166: Fixed an issue where two missiles from its magazine would not fly using the correct trajectory
  • Object 640: Improved the tank’s upper frontal plate armor by reverting it to the pre-0.31 value
  • QN-506: Fixed an issue where the mud on the hull looked different than the mud on its ERA
  • T-90MS: Fixed the Supercharged soft-kill APS ability for this vehicle
  • Type 89: Fixed the incorrect 35mm shell caliber UI value (was listed as 30mm)
  • Type 89: Fixed the incorrect Improved Turbocharger module description
  • VT-4: Improved the visual model of this vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where the Team and General chat settings were inverted
  • Enabling v-sync no longer automatically forces the Normal render mode
  • Improved the lighting in the Spirithaven Garage
  • Changed the icon of the game
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