May Marathon Update


We at and Obsidian value listening to our community and event feedback is no exception. We have internally discussed your reactions to the May Marathon event and decided to introduce some changes.


Objective changes

The reward for the following Objective:

  • Win 150 missions in PvE mode on “Hard” difficulty with a Tier 7, 8 or 9 vehicle

was changed from 7 days of 25% boost to Credit and Reputation earnings to 7 days of 50% boost to Credit and Reputation earnings. Please note that the players, who already achieved this objective will receive the 50% boost as well as the earlier 25% boost.

Bonus Weekend

We do recognize that the objectives of the May Marathon event (just like during the previous April events) are difficult to complete and are aimed at hardcore players. In order for the majority of the community to be able to enjoy the event as well, we have added a Bonus Weekend event for all players as a part of the May Marathon.

From the 27th of May 9:00 CEST (EU), 00:01 PDT (NA) to the 30th of May 18:00 CEST (EU), 9:00 PDT (NA):

  • All players will receive a 400% (x5) bonus to Reputation income for the first victory of the day. This bonus can be obtained once per day for each vehicle
  • All players who play 20 games in PvP or PvE mode during the period will receive 2 days of 50% boost to Credit and Reputation earnings

Please note that the Bonus Weekend booster will be delivered on Tuesday the 31st of May.

The May Marathon player feedback was taken into account during the June event planning - we have several awesome events coming in June that we do hope you will enjoy!

Stay tuned and see you on the battlefield!

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