Mission Critical: Perseus


Welcome to the new Mission Critical series, involving challenging and dangerous Armored Warfare missions, available in Player versus Environment mode!


Mission: Perseus

  • Available Difficulty: Medium, Hard
  • Mission Overseer: Hana Burić
  • Mission Summary: The National Patriot Activist Army plans on stealing our missiles to target the capital city. Defend each silo until reinforcements arrive!
  • Maximum Duration: 15 minutes
  • Location: Eastern Europe
  • Time of Day: Afternoon
  • Weather: Overcast
  • Opponent: National Patriot Activist Army

The National Patriot Activist Army (NPAA) is a faction that runs the length of the dusty and harsh terrain that forms the United States' border with Mexico. Its origins can be traced to the survivalist anti-government militias of the region, but its radical ideology has expanded all around the world ever since.

Read more about the NPAA in our dedicated article!


The mission takes place in the woodlands of Eastern Europe, which are littered with old Cold War-era bunkers and missile silos. The broken terrain, wet from recent rains, is as much an obstacle to successful mission completion as the enemy forces are. In addition to the mud, the area is covered by a mixed forest with large trees that provide cover from NPAA patrols.


A shallow river passes through the middle of the area. While it can be crossed rather easily, its banks, apart from the occasional boulder, are mostly bare of cover and vehicles traversing it are always at risk of being caught in enemy crossfire.

  • Primary Objectives: Defend Missile Silos (3x 3 minutes)
  • Secondary Objectives: Destroy Enemy Intel Trucks (10 minutes)

Black Company (a group of five player-controlled vehicles) starts on the eastern edge of the map. The primary goal of this mission is to capture three missile silos, located around the area, denying the NPAA access to weapons of mass destruction. Each silo has to be defended for three minutes against waves of enemy vehicles.

Defending Silo 1

Silo 1 is located on the eastern part of the map, a short way from the starting position. Cross the bridge at B8 to reach the position of the silo. Enemy forces will start arriving from the south-west and will be crossing the river in their attempts to stop you. While heavier vehicles can be positioned within the silo's defensive perimeter, lighter vehicles can oversee the area from near the starting position. But beware – if you are discovered, the enemy forces will surely turn their attention in your direction!

Defending Silo 2

Silo 2 is located further south from Silo 1 at G6. Enemy forces will continue to arrive from the south west as well as the south east (F8). Player forces can either move to the Silo 2 perimeter, or can successfully oversee the Silo 2 position from the E7 sector. Beware of being caught in crossfire while on the move, the opponents are merciless and will target exposed player vehicles with impunity.


Defending Silo 3

Silo 3 is located on the western edge of the map at D1. Upon securing Silo 2, players must quickly mop up any remaining opposition and move to intercept enemy forces arriving at Silo 3. Failing to do so will give the enemy the opportunity to ambush and harass Black Company from behind, while players are moving towards Silo 3. Enemies will be arriving primarily from the north (B1) and south (F1). They need to be taken care of quickly – otherwise they will easily overrun Silo 3 (especially on the Hard difficulty level).

Secondary Objectives

Three trucks carrying valuable NPAA intelligence are located at B4, E2 and H3. While the first two are relatively easy to reach with fast vehicles early on, to get to the last truck players have to get close to the area where enemies appear during the Silo 3 phase.


This is quite difficult (especially on the Hard difficulty level) and reaching the truck as early as possible is recommended.

Mission Outcome

Mission success depends on completing all three primary objectives. Mission failure occurs if the opponents capture one of the silos or the entire player team is destroyed.

  • Mission Success: Black Company prevents the NPAA from capturing the missiles, earning a hefty bonus in the process
  • Mission Failure: Failure to defend the silos will result in a missile launch towards the country's capital city with Hana Burić ordering the city's evacuation

The Perseus mission is now available in Armored Warfare. We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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