Maintenance - July 29

On the 29th of July 2021, starting from 8:00 CEST (28th of July, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.36.8279


List of Update 0.36.8279 Changes

New PvE Missions

In this update, we are adding five new regular PvE missions, all of them taking place in the desert environment of the Suez Canal. These maps are called:

  • Desert Strike
  • Desert Saber
  • Desert Path
  • Desert Fox
  • Desert Viper

You can read more about them in our dedicated article.

PvE Updates

In light of introducing numerous changes to game balance in the recent updates and thus changing the balance of our PvE modes, we have taken steps to adjust the mode in general. Specifically:

  • We changed the composition of all PvE spawns in regular PvE missions as well as Special Operations. The amount of AI Light Tanks was somewhat reduced in favor of more AI MBTs and TDs. This change does not affect the actual amount of AI vehicles per mission, only their composition
  • We lowered the Tiers of AI vehicles in the Special Operations mode of Tier 6 and lower, making these missions easier for newer players

Please note that the list is not final, we continue to review PvE mode results for future updates.

Objective Window Overhaul

We have overhauled the objective window in the PvE mode. This window now not only fits the overall UI style, replacing the obsolete one, but also is more informative and features small animations to notify you of any changes.

Merc on Vacation

We’ll be launching a special free summer event in the near future, in which you’ll be able to win decals, camouflages, base paint and an epic avatar. Stay tuned for more info.

General Changes

  • Famine Special Operation: Fixed an issue where the convoy protection objective sometimes wouldn’t appear if players didn’t progress enough with the Warship fixing objective
  • Famine Special Operation: Fixed an issue where firing at the gate would produce a placeholder text in the damage table
  • Mechanized Infantry sounds are no longer louder than PvE character dialogues
  • The gas turbine engine sounds aren’t as loud anymore
  • Fixed an issue where bases wouldn’t appear on the Ghost Field map
  • Fixed an issue where the aim lock feature wouldn’t work with some targets
  • Fixed several smaller vehicle model issues
  • Fixed several smaller UI issues
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