Maintenance - December 19

On the 19th of December 2019, starting from 8:00 CET (18th of December, 11 PM PST), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.30.5880


List of Update 0.30.5880 Changes

  • We've adjusted the parameters of the seriously overperforming CATTB MBT. Find out more in a dedicated article
  • This Update removes the support of 32bit systems and of the SD client
  • Fixed the issue where the Legend and HEAT King Battle Path missions would not complete if an enemy vehicle was set on fire during the battle
  • Fixed the issues with the third mouse button binding
  • CATTB: Fixed the issue where this vehicle would just randomly explode while respawning on the final map of the American Dream Special Operation
  • Leopard 2AX: Fixed the issue where its turret would not get ripped off by an ammo rack explosion
  • QN-506: This vehicle can now have two ATGMs in the air at the same time
  • QN-506: Fixed the issue where its recon missile could fly just up and disappear instead of behaving properly
  • The visual model quality of Leopard 2AX, Stingray 2 and Challenger 2 ATDU has been improved
  • Added several assets for 2019 holiday events
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