Light Tank Weekend


This weekend, we are focusing on some of the fastest and most agile tracked vehicles of Armored Warfare - Light Tanks!


Light tanks are lighter but more mobile counterparts to MBTs. Where the MBT class is the hammer, light tanks are the daggers that stab into the flanks of their opponents. Their mobility is phenomenal and their firepower equals that of MBTs. Light tanks lack the armor of their heavier brethren, but they are extremely accurate when firing on the move. Being constantly on the move is the key to success when playing with light tanks - especially when driving around the enemy, targeting their weaker sides and rear. Apart from their speed, many light tanks can use smoke grenade launchers to hide from the enemy. If you like to move around the battlefield quickly while chasing down and tearing apart lone stragglers and enemy scouts, the Light Tank is the right class for you.

Premium Light Tank Discount

From February 3 to February 5, all players will also receive a 30% discount on all the Premium Light Tanks that are available within the game client!

This discount will be active during the following times:

  • European server - February 3 (00:01 CET) to February 5 (23:59 CET)
  • North American server - February 3 (12:01 AM PST) to February 5 (11:59 PM PST)

First Victory of the Day Bonus

From February 3 to February 6, all players will receive 200% Reputation bonus (x3) for their first victory of the day! This bonus will be active on the following days:

  • European server - February 3 (12:00 CET) to February 6 (12:00 CET)
  • North American server - February 3 (12:00 PM PST) to February 6 (12:00 PM PST)

We hope that you will enjoy this event and will see you on the battlefield!

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