Last Patriot Access Now Available


The Last Patriot Battle Path is coming soon – in fact, we are launching on December 10, 2019!


You can, however, secure your place amongst the last patriots even today, as two bundles are available on MyLoot:

  • Last Patriot access
  • Last Patriot access with 42.500 Battle Coins, enough to reach Level 20 (30% off)

What awaits you in this Battle Path?

  • New or overhauled mechanics
  • Four Premium vehicles, including the coveted CATTB MBT
  • Four Prime skins for various American vehicles
  • Commander Austin Harper (learn more)
  • Camouflages, decals, flags and many other exciting rewards


You can read more about all of the improvements, rewards and rules in our dedicated article.

See you on the battlefield!

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