Introducing the Daily Bonus System

The thing we at Obsidian Entertainment and value most is the continued support of our awesome community. To thank the players for helping making this game great, we are introducing the brand new Daily Bonus System!


Starting today, each player can claim the Daily Bonus reward once per day - but that is not all. The reward increases for logging to Armored Warfare every day for the maximum of seven days, after which it resets. As such the players can earn:

  • For logging in on the first day - 2000 Credits
  • For logging in on the second day - 500 Global Reputation
  • For logging in on the third day - 10000 Credits
  • For logging in on the fourth day - 1000 Global Reputation
  • For logging in on the fifth day - 20000 Credits
  • For logging in on the sixth day - one day of Premium Time
  • For logging in on the seventh day - 50 Gold

As an example, a player who logs in every day for three days in a row will receive 10000 Credits upon the third login. If a player logs in for three days in a row and then skips one day, logging in on day five will reset the counter and will yield the same reward as if he logged in on the first day.

Claiming the Daily Bonus

Upon launching the Game Center, a status bar will appear with the following symbols (the current bonus stage is marked with the green icon):


To claim the bonus, simply launch the game on the given day. When finished with the gaming session, quit the game and restart the Game Center. The "Get your Reward" button will appear on the right side of the Daily Bonus status bar. Pressing that button will add the Daily Bonus to your account automatically without any further notifications. If restarting the Game Center doesn't help, please right-click in the window and 'refresh'.

Please note that some bonuses (1 Day Premium Time, Reputation Income) may require manual activation within the game through the Inventory screen.

We hope you will enjoy this new system - see you on the battlefield!

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