Introducing Commander Vincent Girard


One of the features of the Arabian Nights season will be a new commander by the name of Vincent Girard. Today, we’d like to tell you more about him.


Vincent Girard will be possible to unlock from the Tier 10 Leclerc T4 MBT and will be most suitable for high-end Main Battle Tank gameplay with the emphasis on highly mobile, aggressive MBT gameplay.

His main ability will decrease the vehicle’s reload time upon successfully bouncing off an enemy shell (or stopping it with hard-kill APS), as such:

  • The reload time will be decreased by up to roughly 7-8 percent for the highest-ranked commander (the value still depends on testing)
  • The effect will last 5 seconds but will feature no cooldown (it will be possible to keep this effect active for as long as your tank gets shot at)
  • Only the shells and missiles that can deal 150 damage or more will trigger this effect, generally excluding automatic cannons

This ability will be possible to boost beyond the base skill progression itself by selecting the additional Tier 1 skills with the same effect.

To better fit his role, the commander will have the following Tier 2 skills available:

  • Ammo rack hitpoints
  • Repair speed bonus (2x)
  • Bonus to turret traverse rate when your vehicle has 50 percent of hitpoints or more
  • Bonus to hull traverse rate when your vehicle has 50 percent of hitpoints or more
  • Vehicle hitpoints bonus
  • Suspension hitpoint bonus (works with both tracks and wheels)

As well as the following Tier 3 skills:

  • Turret traverse rate bonus
  • Hull traverse rate bonus
  • Lower Active Ability cooldown

There will, however, be one more special trait this commander will have – trade-off Tier 2 and Tier 3 skills. Simply put, by selecting those skills, your vehicle will trade a major bonus for a penalty elsewhere, as such:

  • Improved aiming time and reduced penalty for dead gunner at the cost of maximum accuracy (Tier 2, 2x)
  • Improved off-road driving capability at the cost of maximum speed (Tier 2, 2x)
  • Improved acceleration at the cost of maximum speed (Tier 3)

The abovementioned skills were chosen in order to allow you to operate the commander at peak efficiency as long as everything is done right – the hull and traverse bonuses are there to help you turn your thickest armor towards the enemy while the improved maneuverability at the cost of maximum speed will allow you to perform a slow, inexorable advance while deflecting as many shells as possible with your thick armor.

We hope that you will enjoy him and will see you on the battlefield.

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