Historical Camouflages – Afghanistan, Pakistan


Like every year, we’ll be running a month-long event this summer. Titled “Graveyard of Empires”, it will feature prizes themed after one of the most inhospitable, if undeniably beautiful, regions of the world – Afghanistan.


The tale of Afghanistan is one mountaineer tribes spending their live fighting nature, foreign invaders or each other. The arid soil of this unconquered land is soaked with blood of countless generations, their sacrifices proving that some places can be conquered but can never be held. The British, the Soviets and most recently the Americans have all tried and have all learned this harsh lesson, leaving behind their broken weapons, their pride, and their dreams of world domination. Empires come and go but the vast, unyielding mountains of Hindu Kush and the men hard as stone living in their shadow are eternal.


The camouflages we have prepared for you belong to the Afghan National Army, the latest iteration of an army helping outsider forces hold the country against Taliban as well as other various tribes living on Afghan territory. Notoriously ineffective and corrupt, the military fell to the Taliban shortly after the NATO forces had left the country in the summer of 2021.


Both camouflages are somewhat similar and were seen in 2006 during a military parade in Kabul.


Aside from these two, we are working on another, Pakistani camouflage that will also be available during the event. Pakistan’s actions and decisions have influenced Afghanistan for generations and it makes sense to include it in the prizes.


We hope that you’ll enjoy the event and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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