Halloween Haunt: Sucuri


This Halloween, we have a very special mission for you to participate in! Complete the objective to receive a valuable prize – the Sucuri II “Monster” Tier 6 Premium Tank Destroyer!


To receive this prize, win 20 matches on night maps between October 25 (0:01 CEST) and November 1 (21:59 CET).

List of Night Maps:

  • PvP: Moscow
  • PvP: Pleternica (Encounter)
  • PvP: Baise (Encounter)
  • PvE: Basilisk
  • PvE: Desert Saber
  • PvE: Desert Viper
  • PvE: Erebos
  • PvE: Meltdown
  • PvE: Perseus
  • PvE: Ricochet
  • PvE: Sapphire
  • PvE: Snakebite
  • PvE: Starry Night
  • PvE: Stormy Winter
  • PvE: Umbrella
  • PvE: Wildfire
  • PvE Wages of Sin

As simple as that.

Please note:

  • The reward vehicle will be delivered by the end of the event
  • If you have it already, you will receive its price in Battle Coins instead
  • All objectives need to be completed between October 25 (00:01 CEST/01:01 MSK) and November 1 (21:59 CET/23:59 MSK), 2022
  • In other words, the mission begins not immediately, but at midnight of the launch day

We hope that you will enjoy the mission and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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