In Development: Vanguard Raid


As we announced before, a new Raid event awaits you in October 2021. However, the Raid: Vanguard will be a bit different.


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From the yellow wastes of Venus to Saturn’s icy moons, the Vanguard stands ready to deploy against all threats alien. The Russians once claimed the Armata to be capable of fighting on Mars. But what would tanks look like, were they really required to do so? Take a peek into an alternate reality to find out.

New Mechanics

Let’s start with the basics. The Raid is a month-long event, in which you, as a Raider, conquer certain territory by moving along the lines representing roads and other paths and forming a grid. Each grid intersection has a point that is either a mission that you must complete (Mission Points), or a reward that you may claim (Reward Points). Completing the mission or claiming the reward unlocks another portion of the grid. The main prizes await you in each of the territory map’s corners. Players who complete all missions and claim all rewards receive a special reward.


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The core of the event will remain the same, but we’ve made a major improvement. Instead of completing missions and then moving towards the reward points, we’ll also be rewarding the missions directly.

These rewards will include:

  • Vehicle parts for Premium vehicles (CATTB, Armata 152, Hunter AFV and BMPT Mod.2017)
  • Wrecker skins (Stryker, Bradley, Stryker ADATS, Stingray 2 and XM1A3)
  • Vanguard camouflages (Vanguard set)

For each mission, the reward will be randomized, visible in advance and will be possible to reroll using a Reroll Token (that is, rerolling a mission will also reroll the reward).


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The second improvement increases the overall value you can get from joining a Raid.

The final Raid mission will be easier to complete – instead of completing all other missions, it will be completed by obtaining the four main reward skins. Its reward will also improve – an improved Raid-themed camouflage, decals, flag and a new base paint all await you. But that’s still not all. Completing the final Raid mission will launch Stage 2 with new missions appearing on the map. These missions General type missions will be somewhat more difficult than the Stage 1 ones, but will also feature increased rewards. They will appear once per day and will only be possible to complete using a Tier 9 or Tier 10 vehicle. They will also be possible to reroll.


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As usual, you will be able to access the event by:

  • Completing 10 Contract Missions
  • Purchasing access for 499 Gold (click on the Raid icon in your Garage)


The main prizes of the event are the elaborate Vanguard series of skins for the following high-Tier:

  • PL01 Tier 10 LT
  • M48 GAU-8 Tier 10 TD
  • CATTB Tier 10 Premium MBT
  • Object 490 Tier 10 Premium MBT

These epic skins turn your machines into veritable starships, ready to rain death upon xenos filth.

Vanguard skins (Click to Open)





Mission prizes include the Wrecker skin series:

Wrecker skins (Click to Open)






As well as the Vanguard camouflages with different colors for each environment:

Vanguard camouflages (Click to Open)








The Vanguard Raid is coming in the second half of this month and we hope you’ll enjoy it in this new and improved form. Until then:

See you on the battlefield!

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