In Development: Kwon Han


It wouldn’t be a complete branch of new vehicles without a new commander and today, we’d like to tell you more about the one that’s coming during the Spirithaven season. His name is Kwon Han.

Kwon Han was born in Busan, Republic of Korea. After finishing formal education, he became a security officer in the Asian branch of Lodestar GmbH at the height of what would eventually become known as the Corporate Wars. With practically every sortie of his ending in armed conflict, he rapidly obtained a reputation of being a tenacious and brave fighter. In mere several months, he worked his way up the ladder to the position of a respected tank commander.


Kwon Han will be available for unlocking from the upcoming K2 Black Panther Tier 10 Main Battle Tank.

He will be introduced as an aggressive commander with emphasis on luck. His main skill, “Revitalization”, increases acceleration and reduces the off-road mobility penalty by 7.5 percent (up to approximately 11.5 percent at Level 15) for the first 120 seconds of the battle, making him suitable for mobile vehicles that can quickly get into a firefight.

Two minutes of a major bonus may not look like much at first glance, but with an average PvP battle lasting some three-four minutes, you’ll receive an edge for the majority of it. Besides, let’s face it. Battles are won or lost in the first minutes of combat.

But that’s not everything Kwon Han has up his sleeve. His skill field includes seven Fixed Position skills (all obtainable in one build), each increasing the chance to deal maximum damage by 5 percent (35 percent in total) – these skills work the same as those famous one by Alexander Cortez – only this time, without any extra conditions like Austin Harper has.

In addition to these, the lower part of Kwon’s skill field features a number of useful Tier 2 skills that include:

  • Gun hitpoint bonus
  • Acceleration bonus
  • Turret traverse bonus

The other, upper part of his skill field will include another set of seven new skills – but, this time, instead of improving the chance to deal maximum damage, these skills improve the maximum and minimum damage percentile, each by 5 percent (35 in total).

As an example, let’s say a shell has 10 percent damage spread. With all seven of these skills active, the spread will increase to (10+35) = 45 percent.

In other words, with all seven active, a shell that normally deals 90 to 110 points of damage per shot (100 is the average) will now do 55 to 145 points of damage. This is highly useful for shells that receive an additional damage bonus and have higher damage spread – with this set of skills active, you can achieve some pretty incredible damage rolls. So, all you have to do is ask yourself – do you feel lucky?

Like the lower part, the upper part also features some very useful Tier 2 skills, including:

  • Suspension hitpoint bonus
  • Hull traverse bonus
  • Lower off-road penalty
  • Turret ring hitpoints

Which style you choose is, as always, up to you. There is even a third way of configuring the commander, which will yield the best long-term results, that is yours to find. Regardless, Kwon Han will be a perfect match for the new vehicles introduced in Update 0.31.

See you on the battlefield!

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