Community Survey: Battle Path Rewards


The Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path is right around the corner and we’ve watched you discuss its mechanics and rewards, propose suggestions and voice your opinions. In today’s community survey, we’d like to focus on one specific aspect of Battle Path campaigns – their rewards.

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Some players join for the challenge, some players join for the loot and some players join for the fun of things – but everyone loves rewards. Enigma’s Legacy offers plenty:

  • New unique vehicles
  • New skins
  • Premium Time
  • Gold
  • Credits
  • Decals, avatars and flags
  • Camouflages

And much more. Now, we’re pretty sure you aren’t joining for the decals, as cool-looking as they are.

In this survey, we’ll be focusing on what you like the most and the least of the more substantial rewards. What is your primary reward motivation? What is your secondary one? Let us know in this survey:


Thank you for feedback and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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