Armored Warfare - the Road Ahead

Dear players,

Armored Warfare is inexorably moving towards the more public stage of testing and now is the right time to look at what awaits us in the following months. It’s been a year since the game was announced for the first time and in those twelve months the game grew steadily: new maps, dozens of vehicle models, mechanisms and features. You’ve been with us through it all and recently, some of you participated in the first alpha tests, providing us with valuable feedback and opinions.


We have seen what you wrote. We listened and will continue to listen to you – but more importantly, we are also implementing features based on the feedback from the alpha test as well as from the open section of the forum into the game. That is why we decided to introduce some fundamental changes into the current version – to reflect your opinions better, because your voice matters.

The list of features we are currently working on for release for the next stage of the development is quite long:

  • More maps, more vehicles
  • Improved gun accuracy on the move
  • Improved garage and combat UI
  • Major changes to the „artillery“ class, including the gunner point of view change
  • Changes to the vehicle unlocking system
  • Changes to the guided missile system
  • Improved client performance

There are many other items and fixes on our list – but implementing all we want you to experience needs some time. On the other hand, we are pleased to announce that a limited number of alpha test rounds will follow in April.

Many of you will surely ask at this point: “When will I be able to actually play the game?”

The answer is simple – after the alpha test series is over, the game will enter the Early Access stage that will be active until the final release of the game. We decided to switch from the “Closed Beta/Open Beta” system to the “Early Access” system to make the development process more comprehensible for your convenience.

For you, the players, nothing changes – your “beta” application (now “early access” application) is still valid and you will have the option to obtain the early access pass by being selected based on your application, by attending one of our community events, by participating in our competitions and giveaways or simply by obtaining one of the Founders Packs.


Our goal is to start the early access version with a client containing features that you want. Help us achieve it by providing us further with your opinions, suggestions and valuable insights and we look forward to continuing this interaction with the community.

Stay tuned!

Please note that the information in this post is valid only for the North American and European servers of Armored Warfare.

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