Armored Warfare Tagline Contest!

Are you interested in winning a Founder’s Pack for Armored Warfare? This is your chance! We’re kicking off a contest to pick taglines for Armored Warfare, and we’re offering a variety of cool Armored Warfare prizes!

So, what exactly are we looking for? Something that fits with the Armored Warfare theme: modern vehicles, contemporary battlefields, private military corporations, arms dealers, and more. So for example, you might have a tagline like “Modern War. Tanks for hire.” Or “Not your grandpa’s Tank Game!” This TVTropes Page on Taglines is helpful in case you’re looking for more information of what kind of thing we’re looking for.

So now you know what we want. What do you want? Founder’s Packs! Early Access! All the things! That’s right, we’re offering a variety of prizes for this contest. Here’s how it will work. The contest will take part in two stages:

1. Stage 1 - Submissions

a. You have until 3rd of April,.2015 to come up with a tagline and submit it (limit of 2!)

  • Submit your entries on Facebook/Google+/Twitter with the hashtag #AWTagline or in the official submission thread here

b. Once the first part of the contest is complete, we’ll pick our top 10 favorite taglines:

  • 1st-10th Places win Early Access

2. Stage 2 - Voting

a. This contest will take place shortly after the end of Part 1, and will have you choose your favorite of the 10 taglines we chose from Part 1. We’ll set up voting and announce further details when this part begins, but you’ll have a week to vote.

b. Once the second part of the contest is over, the top 3 places will win additional prizes:

  • 1st Place wins a Platinum Founder’s Pack
  • 2nd & 3rd Places win Gold Founder’s Packs

Rules and Regulations:

  • You may submit only 2 Taglines. Further entries will disqualify you!
  • By entering in this contest, you relinquish any and all rights to your entry, and we may or may not use it for promotional purposes.
  • Using multiple forum accounts to bypass the submission limit is strictly forbidden, and will result in disqualification and potentially account bans.
  • All entries must be submitted in the official Tagline Contest submission thread, on Facebook/Google+ in the official tagline posts, and Twitter with the hashtag #AWTagline.
  • Winners of Founder’s Packs will receive their prizes upon availability of Founder’s Packs. Founder’s Packs are not currently available, so your prizes will not be ready just yet.
  • Winners of Early Access codes will receive access to the next round of closed testing after the end of the first Contest.
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