Now Available: Special Operation “Rate of Decay”


The first chapter of the new Black Company Special Operation series, “Rate of Decay”, is now available.

The Rate of Decay Special Operation takes you to north-western Texas where you’ll have to navigate through perilous canyons and fight your way through the ambushes while providing protection for your allies. For more information about the background, please visit our earlier article.

It’s also bringing the following features:

  • 28 new Achievements
  • Reward camouflage: Rattlesnake
  • Reward avatar: Andrew Clayburn
  • 6 new reward decals

Additionally, there’s a new Garage available. Make sure not to disable the game’s voiceover for bonus transmissions by Woody Rattler!

We’re already hard at work on the next mission but for now enjoy this one and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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