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Have you ever desired to see your favorite content creator defeat a member of staff and winning you a bonus in the process? Here’s your chance! team has challenged five content creators to a tournament and we’re happy to announce that they accepted.


The team, consisting of:

  • Tidecaller (French Community Manager)
  • Silentstalker (Content Manager)
  • Peligro (English Community Manager)
  • MaciekM4A4 (Polish Community Manager)
  • CMKaeden (English Community Manager)

And the Creator team, consisting of:

Will meet in a series of battle on Wednesday, December 13, 2017! The tournament will be played in the “Best of 5” format using the Custom Match mode with Tier 6 vehicles. No other limits apply.

Why would you want to cheer for your favorite team? It’s simple:

  • If the team wins, all players who watch the stream will receive 4 Silver Battlefield Glory 12-hour boost tokens
  • If the Creator team wins, all players who watch the stream will receive 2 days of 50% bonus to Credit, Reputation, Crew Experience and Commander Experience income in the form of 4 special 12-hour boost tokens

Please note:

  • The tournament will take place on December 13 at 21:00 CET
  • The event will be streamed on the Creator team streamer channels and the official Armored Warfare stream channel
  • The rewards will be distributed by the means of a bonus code, shown during the stream on the official channel

We hope that you will enjoy the matches and will see you on the battlefield!

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